1. cageymaru

    Jersey City Cops Use Fake Amazon Boxes and Doorbell Cameras to Catch Thieves

    Police in Jersey City, New Jersey are teaming up with Amazon to plant fake Amazon packages with GPS tracking devices and install doorbell cameras to catch thieves. These sting operations are happening at homes all over the city. Statistics from says that 1 in 12 Americans...
  2. cageymaru

    Intel Processor Supply to Remain Tight Until 2H19

    According to Compal president and CEO Martin Wong, Intel hasn't given its downstream partners a clear schedule on when the processor shortages can be resolved. He believes that the Intel processor shortage will continue into 2H19 and will negatively affect notebook shipments during the upcoming...
  3. Hassan Alaw

    V1 Tech Christmas Holiday themed PC

    A bit late, but still hope you guys enjoy this little project I put together. I hope to share more here soon, let me know PC theme suggestions to do soon and let me know what you think! Happy Holidays!