1. cageymaru

    AMD Celebrates 5 Years of Ryzen Processors

    AMD is celebrating 5 years of its Ryzen product releases with a new celebration page and video. Robert Hallock and John Taylor from AMD have a sit-down discussion where they go over the AMD roadmap, next generation technology, 3D V-cache, and more. In 2022, expect to see an all new platform...
  2. H

    FS: Far Cry 6 Code

    Hi All, Looking to sell this Far Cry 6 code I got from my 5800X purchase. You'd have to redeem this code at https://www.amdrewards.com/, I'm not sure if there are any hardware requirements honestly. I don't think the game is out yet, but this code will get you a copy when it comes out...
  3. M

    Ryzen 4000 APU / Zen3 News

    Lisa Su confirms AMD Ryzen 4000 chips will be “coming in early 2020” -> AMD is still sticking with its AM4 socket at least for this next generation of chips -> Following the Ryzen 4000 APUs at the start of the year will then be the Zen 3-based CPUs, likely around the summer again. Using the...
  4. Zarathustra[H]

    Very Excited About Upcoming 7nm Ryzen, but...

    ...I am worried. First off, let me be excruciatingly clear. I have been a long time AMD fan. Some of my favorite times in this computer hobby for me came when I started college, which perfectly coincided with the 1999 Athlon launch. Having been a long time PC builder (since I was 11 and...
  5. cageymaru

    ASUS Releases List of 300 & 400 Series AM4 Motherboards for Next-Gen AMD Ryzen CPUs

    ASUS Statement on 300 & 400 Series AM4 Motherboards for Next-Gen AMD Ryzen CPUs https://www.asus.com/News/EtaH71Hbjuio1arV 2019/04/29 ASUS will release BIOS updates for its 300 and 400 series motherboards to add support for next-generation AMD Ryzen CPUs. The latest BIOS update for each...
  6. AlphaAtlas

    What If Zen 2 Actually Sucks?

    In some of his recent videos, Scottish YouTuber AdoredTV mentioned that he's often criticized for having a bias towards AMD. Obviously, he doesn't believe that to be true, as he has no problem with positivity or negativity towards any manufacturer, but the criticism apparently inspired him to...
  7. Pieter3dnow

    Fun times with AdoredTV

    This time around Jim gives us some food for thought about how and why Zen 2 (desktop) and PS 5 + Navi can work.
  8. cageymaru

    AMD FreeSync Support Slated for Inclusion in Linux Kernel 4.21

    According to Michael Larabel of Phoronix, FreeSync support (or VESA Adaptive-Sync / HDMI VRR) is going to be merged with the upcoming Linux 4.21 kernel cycle. This will enable full FreeSync support for Linux gamers who own an AMD GPU! Mr Larabel also found new AMD Zen linux-firmware, and a...
  9. J

    Zen L3 IPC

    Raven Ridge CCX has half the cache of its CPU brothers. Anyone knows how much it impact IPC?
  10. pencea

    Reviews for AMD’s APU Ryzen 2400G are in.

    AnandTech https://www.anandtech.com/show/12425/marrying-vega-and-zen-the-amd-ryzen-5-2400g-review If there was any doubt that AMD holds the integrated graphics crown, when we compare the new Ryzen APUs against Intel's latest graphics solutions, there is a clear winner. For almost all the 1080p...
  11. Pieter3dnow

    How Zen is made

    Nice little youtube video by AMD:
  12. J

    Some Ryzen Linux Users Are Facing Issues With Heavy Compilation Loads

    https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Ryzen-Compiler-Issues It originally looked as an bug on GCC, but last research seems to confirm this is part of the older SMT/uop bug. Remember that earlier engineering samples had uop or the SMT disabled due to this bug. It seems that the bug...
  13. T

    Want to make a prediction? Tell me about Raven Ridge web performance under Linux

    Now that some of you have examined Ryzen (or read reviews) after only a day or two, this is a speculative poll. I am particularly interested in performance when running many tabs in Google Chrome under Ubuntu and plenty of RAM and integrated graphics only.
  14. pencea

    Ryzen 1800X @ 3.6GHz With Turbo Disabled – Outperforms Intel’s 8-Cores In 6/8 Tests CPU Benchmarks

    Ryzen 1800X @ 3.6GHz With Turbo Disabled – Outperforms Intel’s 8-Cores In 6/8 Tests CPU Benchmarks The tests include integer math, floating point performance, prime numbers, encryption, compression, sorting, SSE performance and physics. The AMD Ryzen 7 1800X outperformed every other CPU in 6...
  15. S

    AMD Ryzen 8C/16T Cinebench R15 & Fritz Chess Scores

    Summit Ridge 8C/16T Cinebench R15 MT & Fritz Chess Scores Leaked Comparison #1: Core i7-7700K (Stock) 971* cb Core i7-7700K (OC) 1108* cb Core i7-6900K (Stock) 1565 cb Core i7-6950X (Stock) 1863 cb AMD RYZEN (8/16) 1188 cb...
  16. G

    Project: mITX SFF custom case

    A few months back I started getting excited about Zen and Vega so I wanted to try something I've never done before. I began working on an ITX SFF case that would house a dGPU as well while keeping the volume as small as possible. I began this project without knowing about the Sentry case, but...
  17. FrgMstr

    AMD Confirms Zen Launch

    Lisa Su of AMD just confirmed on its earnings call that AMD's new Zen processors will launch into the desktop market "Summit Ridge" in Q1'17, and its Zen server products will launch in Q2'17.
  18. Pieter3dnow

    AMD prepares Zen for CES 2017 launch

    According to Digitimes : Seems we are getting there finally and if Zen goes on sale in February it should finally be over ;)