1. L

    32 inch 4k monitor

    Hi all, Looking for some help. I'm looking for a 27-32 inch (ideally 32 inch), 4K, 144Hz/240Hz, 1ms, HDMI 2.1 PC monitor. I have done a good bit of digging online but wondering which one is the best to go with? (i.e. which one has the least amount of issues) The information in the image below...
  2. N

    Can you provide me some quick help with picking a PC monitor?

    So, I have a crappy 20 inch hooked up to my second PC. I am looking for a new monitor (general usage, potentially gaming but I'm not a hardcore gamer with a picky eye) and I figure the deals now (Black Friday + Cyber Monday) mean now is the time to buy. What I'm looking for: 24" or bigger...
  3. DooKey

    Scientists Now Know Why Blue Light From Computer Screens Contribute to Blindness

    Scientists have long known blue light from device screens contribute to blindness. Now they know why this is happening. Researchers at the University of Toledo have published a study that shows how blue light creates a poisonous chemical in the eye when it is shined on retinal in the eye. This...
  4. M

    Biostar x370 gets bios splash on about 10% of attempts.

    Hey guys, my biostar x370 gtn will only hit bios splash once in a bue moon randomly. I updated to newset bios. I don't wanna overclock if I can't get into bios on command. Any ideas? Thanks a lot
  5. K

    WTB: Nexus 6P Screen or phone for parts

    I tried to do a battery swap and my screen started to cut out after and eventually stopped working. Too much heat from the heatgun I guess. Don't know how else to fix it besides replacing. I need either a parts phone with a good screen or the screen assembly itself. I know it's a long shot but...
  6. S

    4K monitor black screen during post over DP

    I have had a issue with all 4K monitors that I owned and it's driving me a bit nuts so I wanted to see if somebody has a solution. When I cold boot the PC the monitor shows picture during POST so I can enter the BIOS or see the boot menu. But 99% of the time when I restart PC the monitor does...
  7. T

    Graphical glitches with a stable graphics card, where does the issue come from?

    Hi, my current system is equipped with a Gigabyte GV-N670OC-2GD (with two monitors) and an Intel i5-3750K, running Windows 10 Pro and Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon in dual boot. I've been sighting graphical glitches for the past few days, sometimes one of my screens flashes black for a few frames...
  8. T

    Acer GD245HQ bid white screen

    I acquired an used Acer GD245HQ bid screen. It's full HD and can run up to 120Hz. When I first powered it on and plugged it to my computer, I noticed what seemed to be stain on the LCD panel, an area where the image was slightly darker around the middle of the screen. but it only seemed like a...
  9. C

    Grey screen while playing games

    I've just bought Corsair LPX 3000mhz 2x8gb RAM and now I am occasionally experiencing gray screen while playing games.First screen freezes then gray screen appears but I can still run ctrl+alt+delete but if I try to run task manager gray screen appears again, I can't minimize or do anything...
  10. scojer

    Any good Screensavers?

    I use Geoforms from Nvidia. It just looks cool and I haven't came across anything else that I like... though it is getting kind of boring. Have any recommendations?
  11. J

    Korean 32" 100Hz (OC) AMVA Panel.

    Hi guys. I'm so close to pull the trigger on this baby: Before doing so I just want to ask if anyone has tried it? Or if I should reconsider? If not, I'll just buy one and...
  12. D

    Tron Legacy Digital Clock Screen Saver

    Hi, I have been searching the internet for a screen saver that replicates the picture with no success except for a mac version (it is a .QTZ file). I would appreciate it if anyone could find (or possibly make) a screen saver like this for Windows 10. The number string goes as follows; last two...
  13. F

    A good glossy dispaly?

    So, I already know for a fact I love glossy over matte displays. Can you guys recommend a good one that won't break my wallet (500 usd is the limit tho I would love if it's cheaper.) Min resolution is Full HD but i don't think that'll be aproblem.