A good glossy dispaly?


Mar 28, 2015
So, I already know for a fact I love glossy over matte displays. Can you guys recommend a good one that won't break my wallet (500 usd is the limit tho I would love if it's cheaper.) Min resolution is Full HD but i don't think that'll be aproblem.
1080p or better, but you didn't mention preferred size. So, I'll recommend the HP 25xw and 27xw. However, if you want the 27xw, move fast. They're no longer in production. Costco has them for $199.
Thx for the reply! I'll check them out.

Size is not an issue either, whatever seems good I'll get. If I had to pick I would opt for the smaller ones. Love that better pixel density.
Then go for the 25xw. Anything smaller than the 25" within that lineup uses a matte panel. However, the "glossy" coating on the 25xw and 27xw are different based on my physical interactions with them. The 25xw has a more flexible membrane with a chemical AG coating, whereas the 27xw has a plastic, non-flexible glossy covering with chemical AG treatment. Also, some users have reported a slight haze to lighter colors due to the chemical AG treatment, so if you're concerned about this, try to find the 2014 model, the 27xi. This will give you the clearest visual quality, but it's harder to find as it's been out of production for awhile.
A while ago I saw that one! I used to have a tremendous PC but sold it to pay for a part of my car. When building that one I was thinking about getting get the 27xi but instead opted for a dell. Can't remember which right now. I'll see if I can find it and give it a look, if not, I'll probably go for the 25xw.
I was gonna suggest one of the 27" Korean IPS variants, but those have become scarce items in retail these days. I see an X-star DP2710 listed with buy it now on ebay right now for just under $280. The seller is legit.
I've heard a lot of korean glossy displays, but never got around to investigating them. I once heard they're not that good.
Are they? I will check the one you listed out. Thx!
I also enjoy glossy over matte but don't let that steer you away from good matte coatings. There are some out there that are MUCH better than the old offerings.
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Didn't even thought of tvs haha. They're a bit pricey for a monitor but not for a tv. I would totally get the Philips one, but I would have to save a little. I will research them in depth, since it's a strong investment, so I don't wanna go wrong, but they0re defo a good choice. Thx ,man!
No problem, just FYI. There is a guide here in these forums for the Samsung listed, as well as Kyle did a review of dual Titan X's with the Samsung. I also own one and love it. Good luck on whatever you get.