1. S

    Adaptec SASexpander issue: drives invisible and can't upgrade firmware

    I am using an adaptec 6405E sas controller with an adaptec 82885t expander card (connected with a sff-8087 to sff-8643 cable), but the expander appears as "Adaptec Virtual SGPIO" both in the controller utility before boot and in arcconf command line utility (when I list slot configuration using...
  2. Zarathustra[H]

    FS: LSI Logic SAS9305-16i 12Gb/s PCIe 3.0 SAS HBA *SOLD*

    Alright, Don't shop tired folks. I bought this one by accident, thinking I clicked on a different product. It's in great shape, and works perfectly. I flashed the firmware to P16, so it is at the latest rev. I paid $399. I'll let it go for $375. I'm open to reasonable offers, but I'm...
  3. R

    Need new drives to upgrade our 10k SAS 6Gbps 2.5 hotplugs; recommendations?

    We have a Dell PowerEdge R720 and we currently have three (3) 900GB 10K RPM SAS 6Gbps 2.5in Hot-plug Hard Drive in RAID 5 for a total of 1.8TB of storage. The server has 32GB of RAM and an Intel Xeon E5-2620 CPU @ 2.00Ghz. We would like to upgrade our drives to more storage and hopefully more...
  4. Zarathustra[H]

    Does NUMA Matter when Installing SAS HBA's, NVME drives and other expansion in MP systems?

    Hey all, I have a dual socket server board (Supermicro X9DRI-F and two Xeon E5-2650v2's). As I was installing a few SAS HBA's, a 10GB Ethernet card and preparing for future NVME drives, it struck me. Each of the PCIe slots is labeled with which CPU the lanes are attached to. Two slots (16x...
  5. K

    FS Lots of DDR3 ECC RAM, Intel Xeon E3-1246 v3, SuperMicro board combos, Lots of TP-Link Modems

    Good afternoon all! Looking to get rid of some stuff that I've been collecting for a while. All prices include shipping and are negotiable. Heatware 111-0-0 All memory has been memtested before listing for sale, all HDDs have passed short and long SMART tests before listing for sale. Vantec 3...
  6. A

    WTB: 3.5" SAS Drives

    Looking for anyone who has 2-4 SAS drives to sell hopefully for cheap as a lot. Would prefer Dell 15k, but will go with anything, preferable if 300gb or larger.
  7. B

    Cooling Suggestions for LSI SAS card? (LSI 9207-8i)

    I recently had an LSI 9211 SAS card die on me and i'm fairly sure it's because cooling was inadequate. Despite the whole internet telling me they need decent airflow, I decided to chance it in a tiny case (U-NAS NSC-800) with limited airflow. So while a replacement (LSI 9207-8i) is en route, i'm...
  8. X

    Enabling an MD1220 with an R430 Server

    Hi all, This is a quick turnaround item for me and I am not a storage guy, so I was hoping someone can help me out with this. We have a Dell R430 server and an MD1220 storage array. We are looking to purchase a SAS card and cables to enable the two to talk. The MD1220 is 6GBps SAS. I can't...
  9. D

    Maximum # harddisk a motherboard can handle with 2 SAS expanders

    I'm new to this JBOD thing so bear with me.. Planning to build gigantic Media server running Ubuntu. I just bought 1 HP SAS expander and an IBM M1015 SAS Card which has 2 SFF8087 ports, meaning it can hold up to 2 SAS expanders... I've measured the mobo and it looks like 2 SAS expander could...
  10. R

    Massive headache with SAS-826EL1 and 3ware 9750-8i

    I spent quite some time researching but didn't come across too many issues checking compatibility docs but I'm really banging my head into a wall here. This could be long, I would appreciate any comments/suggestions afterwards, on with the debacle. Bought a Supermicro 826E1-R800UB with the...
  11. S

    sas hardware raid card?

    I got a user server off of ebay that has this backplane: SAS826EL1 2x SAS connectors Anyone recommend a hardware raid card I could use with this? The server has 12 3.5 slots which I plan to put 4 8tb sata drives in with raid 5 then 6 1tb ssd's in raid 1+0 and finally 2 512gb ssd's in raid 1...
  12. B

    Case for JBOD/DAS + Remote "turn on" PSU

    Hello everyone. I am in search of a case, near mid-tower size to handle at least 15HDD for a DAS/JBOD. The cheapest options I found are based on those 9-bay DVD Duplicators. I woud then use 3x (3x5.25 to 5x3.5) backplanes to hold 15 HDDs. Output would be from a HP SAS Expander to an Areca 1880...
  13. E

    [FS/FT] LG G4 Excellent Condition [W] SAS Drives, Server 2012 Material

    LG G4 cell phone in excellent condition was in a case most of its life as well as a screen protector. Selling as I upgraded my wife's phone to a nexus 6p. She used the phone on T-Mobile but the phone is ready for a new home. LG-H811 Pics: $285 Shipped...
  14. B

    Mixing SATA & SAS on an SAS3 Backplane

    I bought a Supermicro SC847 with SAS3 backplanes. My hba is an m1015 but I plan to upgrade to an SAS3 hba at some point. My disks will always be used in JBOD mode. I can't see myself ever using hardware raid. I have a bunch of consumer SATA disks but I need more space and I'm looking at...