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    Scalping Question

    Would have posted as a reply in the sticky but that one is locked. If I buy a GPU at MSRP + sales tax + shipping to me, and then I resell it on [H] for the same total + shipping to the buyer, will that count as scalping? I have BNIB GPU I'd like to sell without losing money, but I'd also like...
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    It's worth paying $2.750 in advance for RTX3090, and wait a month for it to be in stock? (Help/Suggestion)

    Dear tech savvies, I have been waiting since October, just to get my hands on a RTX3090 with a reasonable price. The Saturn shop in our City center, which is most viable option. Doesn't have any at stock. I was told, to pay in advance, and wait for it to be available. Could be a month, two or...
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    Will USB C 3.1 Gen 2 PCIE adapter fit my motherboard ?

    Hi, recently I have bought oculus quest 2, with link cable. The problem is, I only have usb 3.1 gen 1 type A slots, and I want to buy an usb c adapter. I really don't know anything about pc building, so here are my specs, and a list of photos of my computer insides (motherboard). Would I be able...
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    Scythe Fuma 2 - should I use the y splitter?

    I’ve got two headers for CPU fans on my motherboard but a Y-splitter will be included when my new cooler arrives. Would both fans be treated as one if I used the splitter or would I need to use the two separate headers to control each fan individually?
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    What OSs are out there?

    With the exception of one laptop running Apple Snow Leopard years ago I've exclusively had computers running on a Windows. Beyond Apple and Microsoft OSs the only other option I've heard of is Linux and Unix. Having tried to get use to Windows 10 for a few years now I'm thinking once I have the...
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    Could I run PUGB with just getting a 1070 TI / 1080? Or should I just buy or build something new?

    *** Disclosure – I have been out of the gaming and computer world for a long time! *** Also, Yes, I know my computer is old! *** My buddy got me in to PUGB and LOL...Thus the question of what to do. Any and all guidance is appreciated! Questions: Could I run PUGB with just getting a 1070 TI /...
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    i have some question about system BIOS

    i read a lot of blogs and posts about this subject of bios and i still confused ,now i'm reading the book of a+ 901 902 (mike meyers) so i find a lot of new information that i never learned. so i will write my conclusion about this subject and i want to correct me if i'm wrong so get the...
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    So a question on this VR stuff

    So I was born being able to see out of my right eye only. The left eye is legally blind. But I can see colors of things, etc. But in reality, I only see out of the right eye. Will VR work with me and my issue?
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    32 bit processor vs 64 bit processor

    hi Friends, you know,i read a lot of articles about this subject and i watched a lot of videos about them but i still confused because every one of them focus just about ram support (32 bit processor support up to 4 ram but 64 bit more than 4 gb) and this sentence like a dime a dozen in every...