1. I

    ESXi automated installation

    Hi! I am new to ESXi. What I want to achieve is automatically install the OS on an x64 hardware from pendrive using Ventoy without having video card, IGP, screen or any kind of display solution. After installing it accessing it via SSH using key based auth on the local network. The hardware...
  2. Z

    WTB: ESXi 7 / vSphere license

    Looking to purchase a ESXi license and/or vsphere for a (small biz/ single CPU / single server) and looking for people that are resellers or have suggestions on how to purchase. Currently on Free but it expires in 60 days. PM with costs.
  3. S

    Mixed physical servers in cluster?

    I'm working in a new environment and before my time they under spec'd their vSphere ESXi host servers. Afterwards, they went and bought a few physical servers to handle heavy workloads. So they have a small virtualized environment for non-essential servers and a few mission critical physical...
  4. E

    HP RGS + VMWare vGPU add a second monitor "head"

    Hello - Wondering if anyone has any insight or ideas here... essentially we want to use HP Remote Graphics Software to connect to virtual desktops running on ESXi with a shared virtual GPU being passed through to the guests for AutoCAD. Overall this works - however when we set the VDI...
  5. R

    Best AM4 motherboard for whitebox server?

    My dual Xeon X5650 whitebox server (Supermicro X8DAi motherboard) is getting a bit long in the tooth as it runs ESXi. Due to new CPU support restrictions by VMWare I am unable to upgrade to ESXi 6.7 (I tried, didn't work despite my best efforts). This is important to me as the company I work...
  6. E

    NAS and ESXi Mobo/CPU/RAM Replacement options

    Hi All, I'm about to spec out a replacement of the pro-consumer hardware I have been using in my home built NAS and Whitebox ESXi build, and I'm look for some recommendations on Intel Mobo's, CPU's and RAM. Current Specs; ESXi 6.5 Box Mobo:GA-990FX-UD5 CPU: AMD FX Octocore 3Ghz Mem: 32GB...
  7. E

    [FS/T][USA-TN][H] HP Gen8 Microserver | Synology DS413

    What I'm looking for as far as trades purchases go: 4x SAMSUNG 8GB M393B1K70DH0-CK0 2Rx4 PC3-12800R ECC E5-2680 SR0KH 2.7Ghz 8 Core 20MB Cache Dell 1TD00 Heatsink shroud for T7600 5+ Bay Synology NAS Photos are here: HP Gen8 - Used for testing proxmox, unraid...
  8. R

    2x M1015 controllers in same computer

    I currently use a M1015 controller w/HP SAS expander for my FreeNAS VM in ESXi 6.5. I want to put in a hardware RAID1 controller in the ESXi host to hold the datastores. I got an old Adaptec 3405 RAID controller to do this as it is compatible with ESXi 6.5, but I just found out it has one...
  9. N

    FS: mITX Silent ESX Homelab, 10GB Switch & NAS Case

    Selling my homelab now that I have one hosted at my office. All prices include shipping to CONUS via USPS or UPS. International shipping on a case by case basis. Accept Paypal, BTC, ETH as payment. 2x ESX mITX Nodes - $300 ea or $500 for both. Case - iStar S21...
  10. R

    ESXi vCPUs multiprocessor limits?

    Someone offered me a "real" server to replace my whitebox AMD FX-8350 running ESXi 6.5. It is a Supermicro X8DAi w/2x Xeon X5650 hex-core hyperthreading CPUs. What I am curious about is how ESXi vCPUs work - can I create a VM that uses all 24 threads as a single vCPU with 24 cores, or is ESXi...
  11. A

    How can I tell if a drive fails in a RAID mSATA 2.5" enclosure?

    Hola, I have two Intel 525 mSATA drives in a Syba dual mSATA to 2.5" SATA adapter/enclosure hosting a few critical VMs for ESXi. Here's a link to the enclosure: I'm just wondering, does anyone know of a way I can figure...
  12. C

    Nested Setup for UC Lab

    Hello there, I plan on building a nested setup using VMware Workstation with ESxi 6.5 on a Windows 7 system that I will also use for my day-to-day needs (programming, gaming, multimedia etc). The setup will be used for labbing Cisco Unified Communications and also for studying for the VCP and...
  13. R

    Ryzen working with ESXi 6.5 - kinda...

    The ServerTheHome guys got ESXi 6.5 to install on a Ryzen CPU without a Pink Screen of Death: Unfortunately they had to disable SMT to get it to work, which according to STH translates to a 30%+ performance loss. STH...
  14. S

    3.5" drives in Dell R710 2.5"

    Hi, I have just purchased a Dell R710, the 2.5" drive version, and I have a couple of 3.5" sata drives I would like to put in it and use as central media storage within an ESXi environment as raid 1. Is this possible and if so what are my options please? Regards.
  15. Zarathustra[H]

    AMD Ryzen with VMWare ESXi: A Pink Screen of Death

    Here's one for those of you who hang out in our Virtualized Computing subforum. With all of those cores for not very much money, many of us have been secretly thinking about whether or not Ryzen would make for a good ESXi server. The answer right now is, probably not. At least not in 6.5...
  16. S

    Need help for graphics/VDI hw+sw decisions for my ESXi homebrew

    As the question says, I'm setting up an ESXi host, which I'm planning to use to run household desktop (VDI) and small server functions. The general workload will be light and the setup should be able to cope, but the graphics load + handling + hardware is the one area I'm still unclear what I...
  17. imsuchageek

    Fed up! How can we disable / block ICMP (ping) on ESXi 6 hosts? We need an expert!!!

    We have spent days on this and have gotten no where. Here's the deal. I need to disable ICMP, at a minimum ping/echo, responses from the management IP to all non-local subnets. So in other words, lets say a random ESXi server's IP is I need all hosts on 10.10.10.x/24 to...
  18. J

    Physical vs. Virtual FreeNAS + iSCSI vs. NFS: performance testing results.

    Hi everyone, I've wanted to see how well FreeNAS would perform in back to back tests on physical vs. virtual hosts on the same hardware for a while now and finally have all the parts together to do some initial testing. My vision is to have a single box that can do it all for my homelab and...
  19. Cerulean

    What version of SSH / OpenSSH is the latest version of ESXi 6 running?

    I am also needing the version number of SSH / OpenSSH in the latest HPE image of ESXi. Nevermind. I wasn't able to run the HPE image as a VM (need real HP hardware), and in vanilla ESXI 6 VMware removed the -v version parameter from SSH. They should get a slap on the wrist. My purpose here on...
  20. S

    ESXI Nic Driver for Old Motherborad

    I have G41M-Combo Motherboard. It has AR8151 Nic. I try net-atl1e- but not to able install esxi os.
  21. O

    vmware esxi 5.5, 6.0 and 6.1 beta + iser ?!

    did anybody manage to have ** any ** esxi working with iser? we\re using all available esxi versions since 5.5 and mellanox cx2-3-4 adapters, linux iser target and... no luck so far ;(( linux-to-linux works fine with roce v1, v2 and native infiniband fyi any ideas?
  22. K

    FS: Supermicro 2U 12-Bay, 128GB RAM, 16 Cores, Intel SSD, WD RE 4 TB, LSI 9271-8i

    I would prefer to sell the entire server, but will consider breaking it down if there are no buyers. I am currently running ESXi 6.0 on it. The server resides in a datacenter and has never crashed. Some parts are newer than others. Below is a break down of all the parts. Chassis: Supermicro 2U...
  23. B

    ESXi 6.0 and AMD R9 Fury Working Procedure

    A few days I posted that I had got the AMD R9 Fury working with GPU Passthrough in ESXi in this thread: Passthrough Gaming Rig Upgrade At the time i didn't quite know a step by step procedure of how I got things working (other than "i went to bed"), I just wanted people to know that it was...