2x M1015 controllers in same computer


Jul 26, 2007
I currently use a M1015 controller w/HP SAS expander for my FreeNAS VM in ESXi 6.5.

I want to put in a hardware RAID1 controller in the ESXi host to hold the datastores.

I got an old Adaptec 3405 RAID controller to do this as it is compatible with ESXi 6.5, but I just found out it has one caveat: it only works if VT-d is turned off.

Since I'm passing through the M1015 controller to FreeNAS that is *NOT* an option.

I am thinking of getting another M1015 as it is relatively cheap, well-supported, and I already have lots of experience with one.

What I want to know is can 2x M1015 co-exist in a single computer if one is in IR mode and the other is in IT mode? I can of course choose which controller is passed through in ESXi, but what I can't figure out is what happens when you mix IR and IT modes.

Should I reflash the M1015 I have now to IR to match the new one? If I do that do the cards have separate configuration utility screens, the configuation utility control both cards simultaneously, or only 1 card can be configured?
No problem using several HBAs, does not matter if you use one for pass-through and one for ESXi or in any other combination. If you would pass-through both you would use a different driver for the IT and IR ones. If both have the same variant you should prefer using the same firmware release.
Running 2 in my server at home, both flashed to pass-through. There should be no problem running both, even if they are flashed with different modes.
I've run 2x m1015s previously, and currently running 1x m1015 and 1x onboard HBA -- no issues with either setup.