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    i7 920 - $180 @ Micro Center

    Wow, I gotta jump on this. I did not want to drive to the ghetto in Patterson. NJ, but for this price.....
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    Seagate Barracuda LP ST31500541AS 1.5TB + Thermaltake BlacX Enclosure $85.99 Shipped

    They are getting rid of these drives for a REASON.
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    Seagate 1.5 TB Barracuda - $99.99 w/FS @ Amazon

    I've had 3 dead Seagates in the last year, not a good record. My most reliable drives have been the Samsungs, and they happen to be the fastest of all the drives in their class so I am very happy with them, not even one problem in almost 3 years in Raid 0. For those people who are proud of...
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    Are [H]ot Deals dying out?

    I'm waiting for Best Buy to dry up, they have these "psuedo" sales and their sale prices have been found to be higher than internet regular prices. Most of the smaller players can go away also, they have bad cust service and bad prices. I like most of the bigger guys because the service is...
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    SAMSUNG Spinpoint 1TB $79.99 Shipped at New Egg

    You gotta be kidding, the Samsungs are known to be reliable, I have a couple in Raid and they perform FLAWLESSLY, these are probably the fastest, quietest drives out in this size. Now Seagate, that's a different story as their current FAILURES are the stuff LEGENDS are made of, every major site...
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    GTX295 $375+tax+free shipping @ DELL

    Man, I just spent my wad on Bills already! This deal beats ALL on this card!
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    [H]OT!! BFG GeForce GTX 285 OC2 1GB GDDR3 Video Card $280 Free Shipping

    They have these on at this price everyday. Actually, a GTX 260 is a very good deal, just a small overclock will compete with a 280 GTX. I do hope the 280's come down to $250.00 or so.
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    UPS Recommendation

    Actually, the Best Buy "Geek Squad" UPS is very good, (got mine brand new off Ebay) and Office Depot has some on clearance right now, $50.00 for a decent size UPS. Personally, I would not waste too much money on getting an overkill UPS system, most of them all operate the same way and...
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    How much better is the 285 than the 260 216

    Amazingly, the 260 benches very close to the 285. My overclocked 260 can beat a normal clocked 285 in most all benches, but the overclocks on the 285 don't seem as impressive. The 285 really is not worth the extra money, the sweet spot appears to be the 260 at this point. If the 285 was...
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    AMD Lawyer: Intel Would 'Like Us Dead'

    Well, I've always overclocked AMD stuff, because they would let you! What also changed for Intel was the ability to start overclocking their chips properly. (Remember how much Intel HATED people overclocking their chips?) Now that Intel has pretty much embraced overclocking, they don't seem...
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    Western Digital Raptor 74GB = Buy a pair for $160

    These are pretty old, should be about $50.00 each, even then I would have to think about it. Most of the newer drives meet or exceed the speed of these, so I really don't know what the benefit of getting these would be? I am quickly filling up my 2TB Raid 0 storage, so I don't think these are...
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    Seagate 1 TB Barracuda II SATA-II Desktop Drive $109.99 @ BB (No Rebates!)

    Quite honestly, all these Seagate drives are major FAIL just waiting to happen. (Look up all the problems with these, if you don't know by now) But, if you must invest in your data's demise, at least FAIL with the Seagate 1.5TB which is always on sale for 109.00 or so. The Samsung and...
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    sizzzzzling: bfg gtx280 $250 AR at fry's

    I thinks these cards will be $250.00 in no time, has a BFG 280 for $299.00 all day, free shipping. I want to bite, but I think the 295 is my next step. My highly overclocked 260 Benches beyond the 280, so I don't know if moving to a 280 is going to be a major step up.
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    WD 2TB HD $179 AT ZZF (Caveat: O.O.S.) (DEAD)

    I never thought I would need anything bigger than 500gb, now I am filling up my 2TB with tons of games, movies and "data". "Data" being 800GB's of my "Adult Movie" collection! The shame!