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    WD 2TB Green EARS 64MB $69.99AR Newegg

    wow.. "Up to five (5)WD20EARS products from between 01/17/2011 - 01/31/2011."
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    82-Inch (7 feet) Mitsubishi WD82837 1080p 120Hz 3D-Ready Home Theater HDTV $2599+FS

    What I learned from this thread: DLP picture quality is higher than both Plasma and LCD, except when Plasma is better than LCD and DLP, except when LCD is better than Plasma and DLP.
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    Greasemonkey script

    I wrote up this GM script to clean up a bit and add a tag word blacklister. Figured I'd share it, if there are any requests please post them.
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    Free Alien Swarm on Steam - 7/19 Release

    Damn "Steam servers are too busy..."
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    Office 2008: "There is a problem with the office database"

    Worked for me as well! *edit* Just realized this was posted 2 years ago, sorry for bumping an old-ass thread :)
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    Motorcycle Helmet Sale

    Not a tech deal, but I know a bunch of geeks who ride, including myself. Motorcycle Superstore is having a helmet sale on selected cruiser, street and dirt helmets.
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    50mw High Powered Green Laser Pointer (military grade) $24.99

    If you think Deal Extreme will ship that to you, you haven't learned how to read. This is posted on every single page which advertises a laser >5mW.
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    Daemon Tools Pro Standard Free today only

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    Fry's HDD Deals 500G@$60 / 750G$60 / 2T$120

    Hitachi 2T @ $120 Seagate 750G @ $60 WD 500 @ $60
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    2TB Seagate @ $119.99

    Seagate Barracuda 2TB Serial ATA/5900-RPM 3.5" Hard Drive - ST320005N4A1AS-RK Limit: 2
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    3 Pack HDMI Cables @ $5.99

    Dead now, happy I could help some people out. I got 15 cables out of that deal, should never have to buy one again :)
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    3 Pack HDMI Cables @ $5.99

    3-Pack 6ft Super Hi-Resolution, Gold Plated 1080P HDMI Cables v1.3 $0 + $5.99 shipping = $1.99 per cable You can buy up to 10 packages, no discount for larger orders.
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    Motorola 6120 Surfboard docsis 3.0 $64.99 shipped Amazon

    Too bad most cable companies don't support docsys 3 at all, COX is only beta testing it among employees; Road Runner is beta testing it in NYC. Not sure about others
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    D-Link DIR-655 N Router + Belkin G Notebook Card = $65

    It is like they're paying people to take away something they can't sell. Any customer who purchases this is essentially a garbage collection person. hehe
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    6-ft HDMI cables for $0.03 (Amazon)

    If any of us had lives, we wouldn't be replying at all :)