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    Friend Request From Grandma?

    I live in Tallahassee also. This is a sign in front of the old armory which is now a senior center. My grandma is well into her 80s and still plays wii and can use a computer, not sure if she will make it to facebook tho. This is a great idea for old people to connect socially which contributes...
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    Fermi/GF100 tidbits: NDA expiry, performance, pricing.

    All we need is a 349$ fermi that is more powerful than a 5870 in March, Simple!
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    Follow the Law, China Tells Internet Companies

    Let's pull that scab off, get the pain over with. Better than a slow toxic censored death! South Koreans, and Taiwanese are cooler anyways!
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    Follow the Law, China Tells Internet Companies

    I'll control some drones!
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    Follow the Law, China Tells Internet Companies

    We can find someone else to manufacture stuff. We should invade China, like Iraq, and overthrow an economically aggressive nation. It would help get rid of our national debt also.
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    Anyone want to recomment speakers for my Samsung 52" LCD?

    fluance has good 5 speaker systems for cheap
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    Shopping for new gaming monitor technology

    Yes, the Acer Aspire GD245HQ looks quite interesting. I hope it's reviewed by gamers soon, and sets sale.
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    Acer 120Hz 23.6" 1920x1080 LCD... but it's orange!

    ^ Second this, I need a good review of this puppy before I can buy~!
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    Shopping for new gaming monitor technology

    I can't really find any new 24 inch gaming monitors for 2010, they all seem to have some extra weird feature I'd never need.
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    Shopping for new gaming monitor technology

    Where could I buy one of the new Asus monitors when they are announced? Which vendor sells new monitors 1st?
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    Shopping for new gaming monitor technology

    Now that CES is over I'm hoping to find a gaming monitor. I'm looking for something in the 22-24 inch 300-500$ price range. Anyone see any decent new monitors show up, or is old technology still popular?
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    NVIDIA & Multi-display Gaming Editorial @ [H]

    I hope bezel-less 3d surround is available soon. It'd be cool for casual games, and for impressing guests. Glasses-less solution is, of coarse, the ultimate ultimate.
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    LIVE Nvidia press conference from CES now

    Eyefinity with 3d, sounds pretty cool. Stuff coming at the side of you vision could be intense.
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    Need Suggestions for a new Audio Receiver for my Surround Sound

    I have a Pioneer 7-Channel A/V Receiver VSX-919AH-K, and it's great. Does everything I need, good setup options, and ipod dock.
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    OCZ Unveils many new badass SSD's

    Awesome, I'm ready to max out my sata 6 right now!