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    Advanced mod- Socket extension?

    even if you could do this attaching a heatsink or anything to cool it would be a hassel
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    Finally finished 56k beware!

    2 questions. first WHY 50/50 water/antifreeze i use 90% water and 10% antifreeze and have never had a problem. you will get better performance with less antifreeze. also why so many right angle adapters, those things kill flow espectially so close to the pump
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    Worklog: First Mod Ever

    why dont you use acrylic or plexiglass instead of anti glare glass. trust me glass is a bitch to work with
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    is this disrupting my airflow?

    you i cant really tell what the picture is because it is soo damn big. resize it you lazy bastard
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    Is the Coolermaster SUPPOED to be dented???!!

    i have a feeling that someone has bought that case before from new egg and then rmaed it back after they dented it and scrathed it and you got that one.
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    Who makes the best UV sleeving?

    ya. it is sleeving. i am pretty sure it is all the same thing. just get the one you think is the best
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    PSU Sleeving(The Mistakes You Made)!!!!

    actually mine looks alot like this but with black sleeving then the tubing
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    PSU Sleeving(The Mistakes You Made)!!!!

    am i the only person that had no troubles when sleeving my power supply. personally i though it was quite took me around 1 1/2 hours to do my entire power supply, all the connectors and everything and then put them in 3/8 in clearflex tubing to make it look even better.
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    Modding an antec lan boy

    you should most likely start by banding ot the dents and cutting a hole. put a piece of flat wood, what ever kind on the back side of the dent and just go to town with the mallet. i recommend a hole saw or jigsaw to cut the hole. personally a jigsaw is easiest if you have a cirlce drwn. they...
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    Hole saws...

    um, lets see . no. a hole saw goes on a power drill or drill press. also it looks like this this a a arbor it goes in the center to start and guide the hole
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    Hole saws...

    at my local places they cost around $35 just for the hole saw and another $15 for the arbor or "the little shaft thing"
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    Flat Paintage

    doesnt really look flat to me. at least not like i have seen
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    Lian-Li PC-68...doesn't exist?!
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    Does OCZ PowerStream 520w fit in Lian-Li PC-V1000 case ?

    i really dont know why it wouldnt it looks like a standard power supply to me. why are you getting that one. there are alot better power supplies out there
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    Router Mod....Ever done this?

    just having a fan on there doesnt really offer much more cooling, if you want more coioling put some of these on the chips and what ever