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    Oldschool floorstanders: toss'em or restore'em

    I would check with parts express for replacement speakers, they also sell kits to replace the surrounds and dust caps. Parts Express
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    Best Gaming Mousepad out right now?

    I agree with Silverado, Ive got the Exactmat from Razer and I love it.
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    HL2: Aftermath Release Date confirmed.

    I hope its worth the wait! Thanks for the link!
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    Its Official! New top DAWG.

    Wow!! Good job!!
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    3dmark 03..........How low can you go?

    You should underclock it and see if you can get single digits. :D
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    Post your 3dMark 2005 scores here. (Link to list in 1st post)

    I got a new used card last night and I didnt have to work today so heres the scores. AGP 6800 Ultra clocked at 462/1101 water cooled core. Running driver 81.95 scored 5926 3dmarks Link to the details on futuremarks ORB
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    Post your 3dMark 2005 scores here. (Link to list in 1st post)

    Heres an update on my X800XL score. 5566 running at 441/552 on catalyst 5.11 Link to the score on futuremarks ORB
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    CPU on Phase, GPU on water.

    I dont see why you couldnt.
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    Running BF2 Special Forces on Laptops

    I run BF2 SP on my Inspiron 6000, 1.5 pentium M, 2gigs ram, X300 64mb. I run it at 800x600 at med settings 100% draw distance just fine. Its slow on the load times but its great in game. Been thinking about a 7200rpm hdd.
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    Zombie Grinder 60000

    Dang that is cool! Zombies and death metal!! Yes!!
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    guild wars--- WOW--- or starwars galaxis??

    SWG! BOO!! BOO!! Run away run away! Dont get it. Bad... Go with Guild Wars. Much more fun and more rewarding than SWG.
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    using no HSF on my VENICE!!!!!

    I'll take the water block off mine... NOT!!
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    DE_DUST PC!!! (56k warning!!!)

    Were those fans evening running with that much dust/hair or whatever that is? Somebody said "furby" earlier.. I hate those things. LOL!!
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    who is the BIGGEST dumass in cartoon - peter griffin or homer simpson

    I put my vote in for Homer! DOH!! before the lock. LOL!
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    Best Card for Me

    What about future gaming? Its the newest card on the market in that price range. The X800 series is a good card, but my X800XL is showing its limits on the newest games.