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    RadioShack Says Company May File for Bankruptcy

    I hope this site never goes away!
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    Apple Wins 2014 ‘Outstanding Commercial’ Emmy Award

    I thought this one was pretty good for Samsung.
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    Cross Desk for client

    How does the relatively high restriction of the flowmeter on the suction side of the pump affect performance? The suction side of these pumps should be restricted as little as possible!
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    8x 1TB 840 Evo? why not.

    I would be very concerned about write amplification on RAID6... I tried R6 on Areca ARC1882ix-24 with 10 512GB 840 Pros. Disks all had zero data written (fresh specimens) and after an initialize they had over 1.6TB written! That's BEFORE the array was even put to use. RAID10 would be far...
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    Chromebooks Outsold Apple's MacBooks In 2013

    Apples to oranges comparison. How about comparing the Chromebook Pixel to the Retina Macbook Pro instead? ;)
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    TV Made Out Of Remotes

    The narrator reminds me of Howard Cosell. :D
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    Surface Windows 8 Pro for $0

    Is the ram upgradeable? 4GB is quite entry level. 8GB would have been better especially if there in no upgrade path. Perhaps a 16GB option available as well. C'mon, memory is cheap these days!
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    Moving Magnetically Levitating Graphite With A Laser

    So this is a modern day version of the Crookes Radiometer. :D
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    High Tech Prank of the Day

    The possibilities are endless! I work on a cruise ship, we could have a lot of fun with this! I'm thinking water with a big white shark jumping up with its mouth open! :D Or when the elevator stops, lights go to emergency only and the person presses the emergency call button have the...
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    Server Rack Tossed Off 18 Story Building

    Definitely low budget and poor taste. If they wanted to make something to brag about perhaps they should have made a real cluster content delivery system with failover. While people are watching movies from both sites have one site struck by lightning. Yes, lightning! It can be...
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    Kim Dotcom Helicopter Chase?

    Could be a 'shop. Also could be a Vario (model). These things are about as real as they come!
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    Kingston Digital Releases Enterprise-Class SSD

    Since when did enterprise storage products have a desktop (SATA) interface? There are actual enterprise SSDs, they have a 6Gbps SAS interface. (and are quite expensive!)
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    Rise of the Triad remake? I'll take two

    Those were fun. Anyone remember Corridor 7 Alien Invasion? Definitely bring back games of the 90s. Heck I would not even care if the graphics were not upgraded, just let them run on modern 64bit OS! ROTT was awesome especially with my Turtle Beach Multisound and custom GM patches...
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    RAID0 SSD - Pros and Cons

    Been there, done that. ;) For sustained, "saturate the bus" writes of terabyte video files, it's a must. ;)
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    How to Build a Tesla Gun

    The danger comes not from the high frequency side but electrocution from a D'Arsonval type discharge that can connect the user to the lethal primary side currents/voltages. An arc is a conductor as if one is touching a solid copper wire. In a 25kVA set up with 34kV and 750mA I can assure you...