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    BioShock Infinite

    I can see them fleshing out some of the backstory before the turning point in the story.
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    Daylight Saving Time 2013 Begins Sunday

    And Its still going to be daytime when I get off work yay!
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    What good IPs should be remade?

    I'd like to see a sequel or at least a game similar to Breakdown from the original Xbox. The only other game that I know of that had a similar feel is Zeno Clash. Oh and when are we going to get an actual turn-based Jagged Alliance sequel or maybe a sequel or modern day or future based remake...
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    High Tech Beer Dispenser

    So what happens if your hand is in the retract area of the handle when you remove your beer?
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    Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB SSD $149.99!

    This particular drive got [H]Gold but I wonder how it compares to the 256GB OCZ Vertex 4. I'm waffling pretty hard between this for$150 and that for $160 Edit: Said "Fuck it" and jumped on it.
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    Upcoming issue of PC Gamer claims new Hitman "is a mess"

    The Bullet Time and 'Kill enemy to get health back' mechanics were present in Blood Money when 47 was near death. Is it the same in this one?
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    If Doom was made in 2012 ...

    Only thing it was missing was a "Press CTRL to Crouch" when he had to duck under that low wall.
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    Direct X 11.1 - Windows 8 only...

    Yeah there's some stuff that just doesn't work right with Windows 8 right now. Even if you use compatibility mode. Even so, SOMEONE has to be the early adopter.
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    Direct X 11.1 - Windows 8 only...

    I have Win 8 right now and I think this is bull. Until a new wave of consoles hits there's not going to be many games pushing past DX9/10 much less 11 and 11.1 anyway.
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    Borderlands 2 PhysX Demo

    Borderlands 1 used PhysX, well the software driven version of it anyway. Hardware PhysX seems like the next logical step and it looks really good. I just hope it performs well without players having to slap in a second card or lowering other graphical settings to accommodate it. Considering how...
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    Skype for Windows 8 Preview, User Interface Leaked

    I wouldn't know it was Skype if not for the logo. Will most programs with Win 8/Metro interfaces look so similar?
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    Borderlands 2 PhysX Demo

    Yeah there was a driver hack for that and how I used to play Batman AA with PhysX on my 5870(my previous 8800GTS 512 ran the calculations). Here's a link detailing the process. Then there was a malware/virus scare in relation to that driver hack(Norton threw up a false positive I think) and...
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    Borderlands 2 PhysX Demo

    Gah now I need to find where the hell I threw my old 8800 GTS so I can offload the PhysX processing.
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    GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 670 OC Video Card Review @ [H]

    @shark974 If you're talking about the MSI Lightning 680 review, that was a 7970 Ghz edition it was running against. Also the test bed specs were different(higher) as well. I wish they had given the AMDs in this review a bit of OCing to though. Even so, they made me feel much better about my...
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    Quote of the Day: 'Borderlands Has Zero Competition'

    My thoughts exactly. Hellgate: London beat them to the punch but failed hard and early. Thing is though, Hellgate: London didn't just focus on gun-play, you had wands and melee weps too. They are right though, they currently have no competition in their sub-genre. Like right now, I'm...