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    Best programs or images to find dead/lit pixels?

    Make red, green, blue and black images matching your display resolution then view them full screen.
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    Samsung T260 25.5"

    Here you go : from a review I wrote about the monitor.
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    Anyone have a picture of a 16:10 display side by side with a 16:9 display?

    Sure, TN panels have bad viewing angles, but unless you have some serious problem with your eyes there is no reason for not seeing the top part of a 16:10. don’t exaggerate.
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    Anyone have a picture of a 16:10 display side by side with a 16:9 display?

    Following image is also photoshopped; 16:9 is a photo of an actual monitor, I made the 16:10 screen by using some math and photo editing. I derived the screen area with a bit of math, then used the frame of the 16:9 monitor around the derived blue screen area to make up the monitor. I think this...
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    Vizion 26" monitor
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    Samsung TOC T240 and T260

    Yes, please do.. Here is my personal review of T260.
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    Tolerance for stuck pixels?

    My tolerance is also zero, I even returned a monitor for a single dead sub pixel (less noticeable than a lit stuck pixel), returned it because I paid extra for zero dead pixel policy when I bought the monitor. But that was with a new monitor, yours is refurbished, therefore the replacement can...
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    1920x1080 - why recommend?

    I value more vertical resolution than a slightly wider screen. If you spend a lot of time programming, word processing or reading stuff on the internet (doing productive stuff on your computer), that extra 120 pixels /~10% can make more of a difference than a half inch would do for movies and...
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    Question about Resolution / Screen Size

    Monitors are meant for PCs = for Text, therefore higher resolutions are always favored. On the other hand videos will look good at 720p on small TVs (difference between 720 and 1080 is barely noticeable from a distance on a TV less than 30"), afterall standard TV and DVD resolution is only...
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    Bad Syncmaster T260 unit? (Grainy green tint)

    I have a T260. Out of the box colors looked very natural, I did change it a bit to suite my taste, but the default colors didn't look anything like what you experience. Did you check color settings ? Make sure Red Green and Blue are balanced. And also try without MagicTune and any color...
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    tv on my monitor

    If you don’t already have a tuner / cable set top box, then you need something like this. You cannot connect the coaxial cable from your wall to a LCD monitor using a simple adapter; you need a TV tuner.
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    Samsung T240 vs. T260

    I have a T260, and like it a lot. What is the price difference ? for me it was around $50 more than T240. Side-by-side there is a notable size difference. But I don't think that extra 1.5" is worth $150 more.... BTW the viewable area of T260 is actually a 25.5".
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    24-26" @ $500 Budget--Gaming

    I have a T260, no regrets. Good Colors, viewing angles, light leak and brightness distribution for a TN panel. Not a gamer, so I cant really comment on gaming performance (input lag).
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    DVI vs VGA?

    If you use top of the line equipment i.e : very expensive VGA cables with high end monitors you might not see a noticeable difference, but for average consumer monitors, especially with the bundled VGA and DVI cables there is a clear difference at high resolutions. Even in a pure technical...
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    T260 or 2693HM

    I recently purchased a T260 and very satisfied with it. It has a uniform brightness distribution, low backlight bleeding and relatively good viewing angels for a TN panel. At 100% the monitor is very bright; I normally use it at 50%. I was also concerned about height adjustability at first, but...