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    good deal(s) for surge protector?

    Yup, I bought a Brickwall surge protector 9 years ago, it was $200 but I feel that it saved me a couple of times already. It is certainly not cheap that people are looking for, but I am protecting over $5k worth of equipment, I think $200 (235 now it looks like) is a worthy investment.
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    Best Buy Black Friday Deals

    Some decent videogame deals (but Walmart might be better, but I dare not venture there on BF).
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    The murderbox MKII - available for pre-order

    Don't give Apple any ideas.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Would love an invite as well, have TVTorrent invite as exchange. Thanks.
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    $40-Lenovo 5902 BACKLIT mouse/keyboard remote

    Does anyone know if you can click on the ball as the left click button? I always wanted to do that with the original version.
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    HP Touchpad 16GB $99, 32GB $149, Active for .edu

    I got the same email. Ordered at around 3am on Sunday 8/21. My order was 16gb.
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    Batman Arkham Asylum $0.99 at OnLive

    Get the microconsole. I hooked it up to the same HDTV and compare the visual quality of the HTPC and the resolution is noticeably higher. Thru the MC, it looks like the 360/PS3 game. But it also demands higher bandwidth (and have slightly more graphical hiccups).
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    Cases which fit the Touchpad from $5.99-$9.99

    So they will fit Touchpad even though they are made for iPad?
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    Nook Color E-Reader

    I have both nook classic and nook color. Get the eink Nook (touch) if you read mostly novels/text. Get Nook color if you want a tablet like experience, or read more PDFs. I find myself being able to read a lot faster on the nook classic than on nook color. Plus I can read longer without...
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    Nook Color Question

    I think it syncs if you bought the book from B&N, but don't quote me on it. Sideloaded books, obviously, does not sync.
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    Good laptop for grad school?

    I am in the same boat, going to grad school this fall. However, my needs require a beefier CPU. I am waiting for Lenovo's X220t convertible. This will allow me to take notes in class with wacom, and enough power to run my programs. It is a bit out of your price range (starting $1200), but...
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    Lenovo Multimedia Remote w/ Keyboard $29.99

    I have this and like it a lot. However, I would have liked the rollerball to be a button so I don't have to move my thumb to click.
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    Barnes & Noble NOOK eBook reader $149/$199

    I bought the nook last week, and quickly became my #1 used gadget. I just love reading on this thing. Loaded up over 200 books and will take me some time to get through them all :D
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    WTB: Kindle 2

    Amazon warehouse has refurbished unit for $140. It is not $100, but at least you will get the full warranty buying from them. Good luck.
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    FS: Red Dead Redemption (360) $42 shipped

    Near mint condition, finished it after about 1 month of play. Everything is included (slip cover, extra costume DLC code/soundtrack is unused). Heat is Lastblade. $42 shipped within USA.