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    6 bit FRC vs True 8 bit?

    I've had bad experinced with 6 bit + 2bit FRC dithering relating to "eye dizzyness"... YMMV though.
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    Need a good monitor, mine got busted.. I haven't researched in years, what's good for a 200 to 300$ budget Used or New?

    I was on a DELL S2415H monitor. It was true 8bit, it got busted so I ordered BenQ GW2480 off amazon thinking it'd be an upgrade, but it feels like a downgrade. It uses 6bit + 2 bit FRC dithering and just generally feels weird on my eyes TBH I'm debating on buying another S2415H, or maybe going...
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    Monitor for PS3

    Thanks, that looks like a great monitor! But dang that is expensive. They may be coming out with a 24" of it later next year as well. Anyone else have any suggestions? I get bothered by monitors that dither that I'm sure of after testing abunch out, I never tried a wled monitor yet but I...
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    Monitor for PS3

    bump (sorry) Hey, I updated the post to be a bit more specific on what I'm trying to find for it.
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    Monitor for PS3

    Hey, I need a 24" to 26" 1080p or 1200p with 1:1, true 8bit or static dithered (no temporal or spatial), none PWM flickering monitor for a ps3. I currently have a dell 2209w it's 1680x1050, and the ps3 stretches the image. I recently found this...
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    Need a Monitor for Consoles

    Hey, I need a 1080P monitor for consoles, 60hz preferably as I'm use to that, an IPS without dithering preferred, I had a bad experince with dithering before (where it trys to make true 10bit or 8 bit by flashing colors instead of laying them in the RGB positions like IPS does) I'm hoping to...
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    Need some advice

    Hey, I've been looking up spaekers and studio monitors for like a month or so I've been trying to decide on a better pair then my current 100$ klipsch for use inside DAWS and mixing music but I want my songs to sound good too right so I was looking up and people said to get studio monitors then...
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    Hard time finding a PS3 display

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    Best joystick for BF2/BF3

    Hey, I've always loved flying in BF2, I'm pretty good with the helicopters on mouse but when it comes to the jets I can never turn sharp enough or aim properly. With BF3 coming up I'm siked about flying again and I want to get a joystick and launch BF2 back up again. I could only find old...
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    Lowest input lag HDTV or Monitor for gaming (IPS panel)

    L32DT30? Damn that thing looks nice, it's 1000$ on amazon though I was planning on picking something up around 500$ anything higher I'd need to try and apply for credit (12 month financing on amazon, not sure if the deals still there but hell I could pay 100$ a month for that thing) I was...
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    Lowest input lag HDTV or Monitor for gaming (IPS panel)

    Hey, I want to get a PS3 and SSFIV and need to get a 32" HDTV with low input lag. I heard if you connect ps3 to these TVs with HDMI to component cables (or VGA i forgot) you can bypass the internal filtering that slows down the input response. I'm trying to find one under 1frame if possible...
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    Dell U2311H

    360 has support for 16:10 resolutions, I wish PS3 would add it but It stretches the images from 16:9 on all 16:10 monitors without 1:1 scaling. I just looked up on deals site and they're having a deal right now on the U2311H for 239$, today's the last day so I have to decide by the end of the...
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    Dell U2311H

    Hey, I have a 2209WA and I was recently going to be purchasing a PS3, then I read up on issues with aspect ratio stretching (honestly I can't stand that) So I'm looking for a new monitor, this one is like the exact same as mine but it's proper console/movie aspect ratio of 16:9. Should I...
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    Thinking of buyin the Swans M200MKII

    The MKIII are out of my budget ATM, TAI usually has sales though, would be fortunate if they had a discount on them next month. About the rear firing port: How far away would I need to have the back of speakers away from wall? Would 1 foot be enough or half a foot? I could adjust my desk for...
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    Thinking of buyin the Swans M200MKII

    Thanks! I got another quick question. I was reading a review on Audio engine A5's and the person said you should keep the speakers at least 1 foot away from the wall or the sound would become muddy and distorted. For any of the owners with the Swans can you place it right up against the wall...