Need a good monitor, mine got busted.. I haven't researched in years, what's good for a 200 to 300$ budget Used or New?


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Sep 13, 2008
I was on a DELL S2415H monitor. It was true 8bit, it got busted so I ordered BenQ GW2480 off amazon thinking it'd be an upgrade, but it feels like a downgrade. It uses 6bit + 2 bit FRC dithering and just generally feels weird on my eyes TBH

I'm debating on buying another S2415H, or maybe going for a better monitor.

I like IPS, 8 BIT or 10 BIT, Flicker free LEDs ( I think the 6 bit + 2 bit FRC "flickers" RGB lights to emulate 8bit, may be why I feel weird using it )

I mainly use it for surfing web, and music production. I also do illustrations (but on an ipad pro) but would like a color accurate display also...

Any suggestions? I'll buy used also. TBH I'd rather get a 500$ valued monitor for 300$ used if it's alot better.

I'm also debating if I should stay on 1080P or go for 1440P ( 27") or a 4k (32") Or a "curved display"

Right now the 24" at 1080P seems good enough, but more space in my programs would be nice)
I sit an arms length from my monitor, not sure if a 27" or a 32" would be "too big" I.E. I'd have to turn my head to view things.

Anyway, for now, what I'm looking for is:
1080P 24" or 1440P 27"
true 8 bit, or true 10 bit.
sRGB or P3 Wide Gamut (whatever is accurate colors)
No flickering lights
Matte or Glossy (doesn't matter to me)
budget used or new 300$ (I'd rather pay less but whatever buys a good monitor lol)


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Nov 9, 2006
I was looking at this one recently, but ended up getting a 32" 4k VA panel instead because of the warranty and pixel density; part of me wishes I would have gone with the 27" instead.

It would be nice if one could rent a couple of monitors and try them out for a few days before making a decision.
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Oct 19, 2019
Have you considered a 144Hz display? I know you're not a gamer but It just makes everything feel so much better (like watching levels in a mixer for example). Switching from 60Hz to 144 is kinda like switching to SSD.
I'd go for a 1440p 144Hz+ IPS display, their image quality is great (there are 8 bit and 10 bit panels) and 1440p is much better for music production then 1080p. But I'm not sure you can find a new one at this price. You might try finding a used one.
I wouldn't suggest a VA panel because of the way they display text.