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    HGST 6TB 7200RPM - $249 - Ends 8/16

    I recently bought a 6tb Wd red. I was going to go with the Hgst but I read quite a few reviews about loud idle noise. Anyone have these and can comment?
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    Prime Members get MX100 512GB for $160

    I am in for one. Should be an upgrade over my m4. Now should I swap this with the M4 and use the MX100 as my system drive or use MX100 as my photoshop and games drive?
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    HGST NAS 4TB @ NE for $159.99

    Any comparisons out there between the three 4tb drives in terms of performance, reliability, and noise/heat?
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    Nexus 7 16gb (2nd gen) refurb - $139

    Tempting... but I'm not sure if I want to pony up more for an Ipad Mini or nexus 8
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    Sony BDP-S5100 WiFi 3D Blu-ray Disc Player $80 or $55 w/ Amex

    Showing up $92.50 for me.
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    NEC Professional 27" Monitor PA271W-BK $898 Shipped at B&H

    Oh man I wish I have the money and if only I can afford the 30 inch.
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    Canon Pixma Pro-100 13x19 Pro Photo Printer $89 AR

    This deal has been on for a while. I haven't bit since I'm worried about the rebate. It's a lot to lose if the rebate doesn't work out.
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    Sony SD Cards Class 10: 32GB 2 for $28; 16GB 4 for $28

    How do Sony SD cards compare to say Sandisk?
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    Wii U Basic Set: 239.99 Target

    This is a good price point for the Wii U basic set. As far as I know, the Deluxe version was a much better value at its regular price points.
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    TOSHIBA 3TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5 inch Internal Hard Drive $119.99FS

    Are these good for NAS 24/7 use? There is a new review on newegg that talked about lack of support from Toshiba (no surprise).
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    TOSHIBA 3TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5 inch Internal Hard Drive $119.99FS

    Are there comparisons between these and the WD Reds? Performance? Reliability?
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    Sony 64GB SDHC/SDXC Class 10/UHS-I Flash Memory Card $35 w/FS

    Are Sony cards any good? I've only used Sandisk and Transcend.
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    DellTM UltraSharpTM U2711 27” Monitor - $649

    Don't really need this and I want a 30" NEC for photo editing and keep my 24" for gaming. But this is a good price. Hmm...
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    Warm - $4.99 Magazine deals

    Thanks. I wonder if it would help if it's a renewal rather than a first issue.
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    Warm - $4.99 Magazine deals

    Are they reliable?