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    eps12v extension question

    hey guys, I ordered an extension cable for my 8 pin atx cable this one to be exact I noticed that on the female end one of the pins is missing and two of the wires are on one pin, where on the...
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    ATCS-840 Black Finish issue

    I thought those cases were anodized :confused:
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    What are you guys encoding with?

    Hey guys , I'm trying to enter the lovely world of computer audio, I'm getting to rip my collection to my hard drive but I wanted to know what good programs were out there and what is a good file format to use. I'm looking for something that will remain as close to the original source file as...
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    Convicted Murderer Sues Wikipedia

    how did these guys get parole? they mutilated the poor man :confused:
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    Are the free versions of anti virus programs worth anything

    Hey guys, I just installed a fresh copy of windows 7 ultimate 64 on my workhorse computer, and I wanted to know what anti virus [H] recommends. I've been looking into the free ones because frankly I'm ( Microsoft security essentials and the free versions of avg avast and avira) but are these...
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    post pics of ur p180/p182/190s

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    Need help picking a cooler for my lastest build

    Hello, i've just pieced together an Asus p6t deluxe 2 ver 2 with an i7 920 and i've got the stock cooler blues, my last build I used to cooler master v8 with an i7 920 and a rampage II but I wanted to get something that was more functional and less gamer. My search has brought me to...
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    CPU-z showing wrong Cas latency ???

    auto :D am I a dummy?
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    CPU-z showing wrong Cas latency ???

    for some reason my corsair dominator 3 X 2gb kit is showing a cas latency of 8 in CPU-z it rated 7-7-7-20 but it shows at 8-8-8-20 :confused: is this normal?
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    Weird issue with XP pro set up

    hello [H], i'm turning an old intel core system into a dedicated meme/gaming station, i'm trying to install windows xp professional but I can't get pass the user agreement screen, for what ever reason I can't get f8 to work on any of the keyboards i've tried ( 1 usb 2 ps/2) i know all these...
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    Will it fit? asus p6t deluxe v2 corsair dominator ram and true 1366

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of building a system for a friend and basically we have decided on the asus p6t deluxe and corsair dominator ram, I'v tried to talk him into getting lower profile ram but went and ordered it already :mad: so now we have to find a cooler that will not interfere with...
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    Facebook Gives Birth to the Retrosexual

    why would I want to hook up with any of those miserable c u next tuesdays... if i wanted to sleep with them I would still be dating them :p
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    Foxconn Gives Up Own-Brand Graphics Cards

    over 9000.... employes ( surprised no one else picked up on this :D )
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    real world disadvantage of running 2 gtx 275 sli in 8x vs 16x

    me and a friend who is building a 1156 system ( and is thus limited to 2x8 instead of the having 2 full 16x lanes) wanted to know what the real world disadvantage would be when using current gen cards in sli ( not even thinking about pcie 3.0) at 8x vs 16x
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    rampage II gene vs p6t

    oh and also if we go with the p6t which variant would be best, I heard that you can make the se run in sli even though its not advertised to do so.. is this true