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    Upgrade from Vista to Win8?

    Please take note that upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 8 is basically classified as a custom installation. This means you'll have to re-install all your programs in Windows Vista and if possible use updated installers.
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    Currently have Windows XP - Upgrade path?

    Is that Windows 7 Professional? If you don't need the features in Professional, you could opt for something cheaper like Windows 7 Home Premium ($119) instead. See here: or $99 at Newegg...
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    Upgrade Windows = moved Program Files?

    Just the folder named above. Everything else will still be in C:\ By the way, this is only possible if you did a custom installation and did not format the hard drive before and during the installation.
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    I am trying to go from 32 bit Vista to 64 bit Windows 7.

    A clean install is needed. You can't go from 32-bit to 64-bit Windows.
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    Dumb flash install question

    For Windows the USB thingy will work. For the Office you just have to copy the files or download from MS. Give MS a call I believe the office team can assist you in download the installation files for Office.
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    Product keys stickers...

    Call MS and state that you're having trouble activating. Provide the Product ID in the system properties window. 1-800-936-5700.
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    Can i reinstall Win7 without a disc.

    It actually works even with a Home Premium or Professional disk. All you need to do is remove the ei.cfg file from the ISO before burning. Tried it numerous times actually. :D
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    What's the most cost effective way to get Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate?

    It's $65 for Professional. That $29 offer was for Home Premium, which is not available anymore. :(
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    A New Capital of Call Centers

    It hasn't. But our fascination with American culture and being a former American colony at that has technically made English the second or third language of sorts for the Philippines. Anyone with a high school education and higher can actually speak English pretty well. Curious....What's FOB?
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    Proper way to Reinstall Win7 Upgrade Version

    Method 2 of Remember to not enter the product key during the installation, skip it and do the above method inside Windows 7 itself. You can also call MS and they do an automated version of Method 2. :)
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    Finding drivers for unknown hardware?

    Done this countless of times of friends and relatives computers. Works like a charm. :D
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    new mobo windows ?

    The main problem here is that Netlix requires Micrsoft's Silverlight to be installed and I do believe that you need a Windows computer to install SL. About keeping Vista, you could try using the same Windows Vista disk and the activate online, if it fails, try the automated phone system. If...
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    Cheapest Place For Windows 7 Windows 7 Professional fo $65. Granted you need to be a student or one with an *.edu e-mail address.
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    Can you get Win 7 SP1 as a stand alone file?
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    'Aliens: Colonial Marines' Shows Off Ten Minutes of Gameplay

    Quote the whole thing!!!! :P "I'm ready, man, check it out. I am the ultimate bad-ass! State-of-the-bad-ass-art! You do not want to fuck with me. Check it out. Hey, Ripley, don't worry. Me and my squad of ultimate bad-asses will protect you. Check it out. Independently targeting particle-beam...