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    Which Drivers for windows 7 on my nforce4

    Right, you don't actually need to install the nforce drivers, however, you will need the AMD Away Mode drivers which you will have to install using compatibility mode.
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    Which Drivers for windows 7 on my nforce4

    I'm using the latest nForce Win7 x64 drivers from the nVidia website (15.35). It doesn't specifcy nForce4 in the support list but I have a nForce430(MCP61) and it works just fine. Edit: Oh, and if you use onboard GPU then it's 15.37.
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    Duke-Nukem-Forever in game video!!

    Ya know, it is kind of funny that we don't have more Open Source games out there. We have great OS' that are open but no games that are really mainstream like. It would have to be organized by a organization with public input, but I think it's a great idea.
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    You Are All Tax Cheats

    What next? Taxing pirates based on the value of music or movie they downloaded? That would probably be more effective than the RIAA/MPAA going after them.
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    Hackers Broke into FAA Air Traffic Control Systems

    Trust me, there are more government computers on the net than you think. However, if you have some shady InfoSec Specialists doing the job or rather not doing their job then this is what happens. Even with all the systems on the net, this shouldn't happen. But, IMO a system that is connected to...
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    Iphone OS 3.0 thoughts

    One thing I would love to see that is really a weak point is that there is no true voice activated dialing via BT. Sure, I can download an app, but I still have to push a button therefore still breaking the law in California.
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    Best single card solution to replace an 8800GTS 640 SC?

    I've brought up a similar thread regarding WoW performance with my specs and I did some tweaking in WoW. Settings 1680x1050 x8 AA w/ all settings on highest except for shadows. I set shadows to lowest and I get about 50-60fps. That is with a Athlon X2 4400+, 4GB DDR2, single EVGA GeForce...
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    Look at what me and my friend did

    That's what she said... Sorry couldn't resist.
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    Accessing a passworded account over the network

    Yes, the system you are trying to access MUST have a password. Windows will NOT let you access it without a password, at least if you are trying to access the c$ share. I would say your best bet is to pull your HD and put it in another system or use an external hard drive carrier with USB converter.
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    Sprint Blames Economy for Customer Losses

    Sure, why not? The economy is causing some people to lose their jobs and homes and become stressful. So, why not tie that with low sperm count? Although, if you lose your job and home you should probably rethink having children.
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    Make computer fully accessible over internet

    I would recommend this as well. It will minimize anyone from snooping and trying to get in to your system. Leaving a system open to the net is just begging for a brute force attack.
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    Accessing a passworded account over the network

    I'm not sure if this works in XP Home but try this on the system serving the files. Also make sure that the account you are trying to login with has a password set. Also, if you are trying to access c$ the account must also be an Admin account. Start > Run: Type in 'gpedit.msc' Computer...
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    WoW Performance & Upgrades

    Well, it appears that maybe I have a combination of CPU/GPU issue. Considering this is a pos Dell mobo and I probably shouldn't spend much money on it anyways I may just start building my new system.
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    WoW Performance & Upgrades

    Yeah, I'm thinking maybe the video memory is a bottleneck. I will look in to a 250 1GB
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    WoW Performance & Upgrades

    Task Manager shows it only using about 30-60% of my CPU at any given time.