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    RD580, when?

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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Hey, nice setup. I especially like the desk. I have a room perfect for a desk about that size, mind telling me where you got it?
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Then why don't you marry them? /rhetorical question
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    Overclocking the X1900XT

    Windows Button + R -> Type "services.msc" -> Disable "ATI Hotkey Poller," and "ATI Smart." Restart if prompted and you're good to go.
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    new X1800XT problems with games

    Try the 6.3 drivers. I have a little more faith in them than 6.6. Make sure you properly remove the old drivers before installing new ones. Just curious, what are the rest of your specs?
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    What do you have: SLI, Crossfire or single card solution?

    I have a single X1800, but I'm in a position to make one quick purchase and have Crossfire. I imagine if I can find a good deal I'll have CF soon.
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    What is the difference between x1900xt and x1900xtx?

    Price and clock speeds.
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    ATI Catalyst 6.6 released

    I still havent' had a chance to test these out. How's the performance relative to 6.3?
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    ATI Catalyst 6.6 released

    I downloaded them but won't have time to install/test them until later. If someone could see if they're better than 6.3 it could save me some time :D
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    Catalyst Beta 6.6 Driver

    Off topic but how do you enable HQAF and Adaptive AA when sing the CP?
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    Does Prey with with CrossFire?

    Not thread worthy but: how can I set Prey to run 1680x1050? It won't let me in-game.
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    Upgrading.. What do you do with your old GPUs?

    Primary rig's old card goes to the secondary (SFF) rig, and the SFF's goes into the closet.
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    How long do you keep your video card?

    My last three cards have been sequential generations; however, this is not really planned. I have a card, it was high-end when I got it and I'm still happy with it, but then I catch a newer gen. card for cheap, and I buy it. Perfect example is my most recent video card upgrade, replaced my...
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    X850XT PE Still Kick'in?

    I still have my X850XT PE. Still a great performer (I put it in my SFF PC). It still has some lasting power, it will be fine 'till the end of the year and a little further. just don't expect to run all of the latest games maxed.
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    X1900XT Slow?

    Believe it or not, someone on another forum had a similar problem with low performance with his X1900XTX. IDK if it's drivers or what, because he got low frames in CS:S playing 10x7 with everything else cranked. I play 16x10 with everything cranked on my card and never drop into the 40's. Try a...