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    I Hate Torx!

    I'm with you. Never had a Torx screw strip on me unlike a cross pattern philips screws. The extra points of contact are great for helping prevent that. I did one time snap the head off a tiny little T6 screw on a mid-2007 iMac audio board when I made the mistake of using an electric screwdriver...
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    Amazon Pulled Asus PB278Q

    Yes, that would be an accurate summary. In exchange for the discounted price, you forgo some time on the warranty. How much time you give up depends on how long it's been since the first time the unit was sold. Otherwise, it is the same as a new unit.
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    Amazon Pulled Asus PB278Q

    That's a little outside my area of expertise, because I'm the "forums" guy as opposed to the others who you may see posting responses to reviews on sites like Amazon. So I'm assuming that's Amazon's version of an open box unit, in which case the only real difference would be that the warranty...
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    Amazon Pulled Asus PB278Q

    So I had occasion to risk immolation and ask my group's monitor maven. She will be assisting on my side of things, and she would like to see a photo of the issue if you could provide one. If you could send that to the email address in my sig, that would make it easier for me to then pass it...
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    Amazon Pulled Asus PB278Q

    I don't typically handle monitors, but I am the sort of jack of all trades of my group, so... Depending on the inventory we have in our RMA dept here, I could personally take over the RMA. Find a display, run whatever tests you want on it, then send it out to you when you're satisfied.
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    Amazon Pulled Asus PB278Q

    Generally we prefer that people deal with the reseller within the return period, but I should be able to set up an RMA for you if you want to stay with the PB278Q, and Amazon has depleted their remaining stock, assuming you're in the NA region. Otherwise I might be able to find someone to help...
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    Asus P8P67 Video Card Question

    If you can find drivers for it, I would expect it to work.
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    Maybe I should ask AndroidForums instead, but disable phone modem?

    Even better. Probably means you could turn BT on as well, but leave the cell radios off.
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    Maybe I should ask AndroidForums instead, but disable phone modem?

    You should be able to just put it into airplane mode. You'll lose wifi and BT along with it, but for a makeshift gameboy type device, who cares?
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    HDTV Screen Tearing on Certain Games / Modes

    I would say v-sync is an excellent place to start. It's quick and easy to flip on and test, so why not give that a try and then let us know the results?
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    P5q deluxe problem?

    I would run memtest86+ before sending the board in. You don't typically expect freezes with bad RAM, but then bad RAM can run a pretty wide gamut of symptoms.
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    Nexus 7" or Galaxy Tab 2 10" ?

    Assuming it's not intended to be a gift, maybe take her to a local best buy or some such store to play with a Nexus 7, and ask her whether or not she thinks the screen is good enough for her. She might even find she likes the smaller screen. I probably have slightly larger than average hands...
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    Looking for PC surround sound system advice

    IMO, there's no substitute for a "proper" home theater setup in the form of a receiver, sub, and speakers. You can probably find a few decent HTIAB (Home Theater in a Box) setups places like Onkyo's little online outlet store (Club Onkyo IIRC) and I'm sure others will have some suggestions. That...
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    Video card in Asus G60JX laptop died; need help upgrading

    The ROG laptops use their own unique MXM cards. I once asked about the possibility of adding these to the Asus eStore, but basically the idea was kicked around and rejected a long time ago as just creating far too many problems. You might buy such a card, put it in, and fully understand it's an...
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    best phone for $200-$250 budget?

    Not sure if Google is still selling the GNex on its Play Store, but that might be a good option. Virtually everything about that phone is fantastic, except the battery life. Not sure what the Nexus 4 is selling for, but I think it's only a little over your budget, if you could manage to get one...