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    Toshiba To Launch OLED TVs Later This Year

    Sony isn't a Walmart brand... They might have one or two cheap low-end models being sold in-store to try and get some of the sub $500 TV market share, sure. But you're not going to be able to walk into a Wal-Mart and buy their $5K flagship Z9D or their upcoming OLED A1E.
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    Current Japanese case makers ?

    WiNDy (Soldam / Hoshino ING ) went out of business in June 2012. A couple of WiNDy's key staff members left the company to start their own companies: Abee in 2004, and JIGEN in 2010. Abee is the only one of the three still making cases. But their inventory and colors are more limited than...
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    Google Project Fi Details

    Staying with the $30 T-Mo plan. Fi may have been worth it I didn't use a lot of data most months and could benefit from the added Sprint coverage *shrug*
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    “HBO Now” Coming This Spring For $15 Per Month

    Assuming that's the time frame for GoT Season 5 (April 12 - June 21), you could perhaps start your sub maybe ~10 days after Ep 1 launches (April 22) to have to only pay for two months (to get your second month's ~30 day sub to last you till Ep10's premiere on June 21).
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    PS4 version 2.0 seems worthy of the number scheme

    They honestly shouldn't have bothered with the USB stick feature. For a while, I was waiting on DLNA/copy to hard drive playback support. But I've stopped waiting and moved onto Chromecast and casting from my phone, which works pretty well. My PS4 is strictly now for gaming -- and that makes sense.
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    New Chrome "Material Design" Update

    Liking the new Chrome browser update/facelift? I must have installed it automatically without noticing, but it should be up on the Play Store.
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    Moto X+1

    Motorola press conference happening tomorrow, might be a good idea to keep an eye on the news feed for the new X: OK, this actually seems to be a press-private conference with an embargo for tomorrow, so we may not get any details until the 5th. YouTube Link...
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    Sentimentally ... WiNDy

    I was going through old posts about the WiNDy case I imported from Japan about four years ago. I don't know if many of you can relate with a case that has a nostalgic or even sentimental value to you. I enjoyed reading stories about people still hanging onto the older aluminum CoolerMaster and...
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    White PS4 comming out

    Smoke-free household. I'm pretty sure it's a combination of what you implied: oils from hands and oxidation. I sometimes put my electronics back in their boxes, and I think that the combination of the hand oils being left on them from last use and being 'closed/suffocated' or touching the inner...
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    White PS4 comming out

    White's nice to look at when it's new and shiny but not practical for long-term for me. I stopped buying white electronics because of yellowing issues that keep cropping up long-term (most recently with my white Japanese DualShock PS3 controller after a few years of owning it).
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    Official Motorola Blog Announced Android 4.4.3 Rolls Out to Moto Devices This Week

    There appears to be something new with bluetooth volume control in 4.4.3 with the moto x. When I try to increase/decrease volume using my headphones controls (Jaybird Blue Buds X), the phone volume isn't being changed. Rather, it seems there is a second volume layer that is being modified just...
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    Moto X+1 (2014 Moto X Successor)

    Wishful thinking, but I'm hoping Google/Motorola has taken to heart the abysmal feedback it received last year with the X launch and they'll not do that BS Moto Maker carrier exclusivity deal again. I can't imagine that worked out well for them even financially. (Any numbers from AT&T out...
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    What Happened To All the Lian Li Cases At Newegg ?

    That is interesting. It doesn't look like a case of just clearing out old stock. The LiLi homepage says they'll be at Computex in June. I remember reading that their main US distributor was located in Washington state, but not sure if that's where NE got their cases. No idea if we have any NE...
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    Moto X+1 (2014 Moto X Successor) Motorola can't quite keep the X+1 a secret any longer. X could use a good spec bump. The size is really nice as is (especially one handed), but I wouldn't mind them also bump that up so long as they keep the same...
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    20% of Hulu and Netflix Subscribers Have Cut the Cord

    HBO and local channels are the two biggies I really need. I subscribe to Cox (internet only) for $60. They have a new option called Cox Flex Watch that allows you to add HBO and your local HD channels for only $20 extra a month (new subs can get internet & hbo for $60!). This a la carte...