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Red x131e. Got this to replace a dead Acer netbook.




This's the Intel i3-2367M version with 7x series chipset and USB 3.0 support. Strangely, Lenovo chose to stick with a Sandy Bridge chip. A Russian review site already reviewed an x131e with i5 Ivy Bridge some time back.

Intel's site says the processor can address up to 16GB DDR3-1333 RAM. I took a chance and purchased a 8GB SODIMM. Kingston KVR16S11/8, 8GB PC3-12800 CL11. The little tubby booted right up and reported 12GB (4 + 8) total.

Need to tear off the stickers...

BTW, I'm using a cheap US$9 ebay sleeve. The width is perfect for the X131e. Should fit the Edge E130/135 as well.
Sleeve Bag Soft Case for IBM ThinkPad E220S X220 X220i X220T X220IT | eBay

Took out the bundled harddrive and backed up all 3 partitions using Acronis True Image Home 2011.

Cloned the MBR and Windows7_OS partition onto a Samsung 830 128gb. Works great.
This might be redundant considering the brand, but how is the keyboard? On slim/small devices I always find the keys have too little travel...
This might be redundant considering the brand, but how is the keyboard? On slim/small devices I always find the keys have too little travel...

was this question for me?

considering my last three portables were Acers (one 14" Travelmate and two Aspire netbooks) and their keyboards suck, this Lenovo keyboard works pretty good. Had to go into the BIOS and switch the Fn and left Ctrl keys around though.

The picture may look deceiving, but the x131e is huge. Easily dwarfs the Acer D257 10.1" netbook. Adds one inch to both length and width.

HP EliteBook 8570w | Windows 8 Enterprise | Office 2013 Professional | Intel Core i7 2.3Ghz | 8GB DDR3 RAM | Intel 520 120GB SSD | nVidia Quadro K1000M Graphics
Microsoft Surface RT
Nokia Lumia 920

Typically at the office with 3x HP 23" monitors.

Just got my new VAIO-S13P in. Lots of pics for comparison (sorry for the overload)

Core-i7 3520M
12GB ram
512GB Crucial M4
Blu-ray burner
Extra 4400mA sheet battery.
Carbon Fiber Gun Metal colour.
Win 7 ultimate (came with win 8 pro)





Extra sheet battery.






Comparison with my old vaio-z (2009) with the sheet battery on. Without the sheet, looks very thin in comparison =)


Big touchpad!


Just got it back from repair


Zenbook prime
Ivy i5
4gb ram
128gb ssd
1920x1080 ips
us layout
ipearl mcover case
Whach, I've always loved Sony laptops. Looks like a great laptop you have there!
Whach, I've always loved Sony laptops. Looks like a great laptop you have there!
They're easy to love from outside. They're very appealing. Then, you get one and realize owning one incurs so many problems and imperfections, that Sony's utilities software and drivers are such an ugly mess, that you have to tweak and configure so many things just to have a sane working laptop when that shouldn't been the _default_, it really ruins the experience if you like to keep things "perfect."

Needless to say, the only way I got over wanting one is by buying it and then selling after a year. Now I can enjoy seeing their photos without a burning desire to get one. :)
How is the CPU cooling and power on those ultrabooks? Talk about PITA, I've had 4 different 13" sandy full voltage laptops that throttled like CRAZY. couldn't handle some of my ableton live sets. :mad: its like CPUs have come full circle... a sufficiently cooled ULV sandy CPU would probably beat those laptops, suffice to say my i7-620m is doing better now.

Anyway here's a laptop I'm particularly proud of:

And its a Gateway. The question is, should I stick a Quadro k5000m, 4gb gddr5 in it or no??
Didn't want to bring my PC for studying abroad (eindhoven), so here's my makeshift setup:


Still playing with the 4870's bios as the dock doesn't seem to be supplying the full 75w via the PCI-E cable, right now sitting at 725/750/1.083v. I know that the HD4k series are very bad with PCI-E1x compared to the newer series, but that's what I had laying around.
Was sick of having to share the macbook when on the road with the wife, so picked up this bad boy for 50 bucks on craigs.

Dell Latitude E4300 - Intel core 2 duo, 2gb ram, 120gb hdd, webcam, backlit kb, windows 7 - not bad for 50 bucks.


Nice find!

You could probably throw a cheap little SSD in there and have a pretty snappy machine.
Nice find!

You could probably throw a cheap little SSD in there and have a pretty snappy machine.

My thoughts exactly, already threw in a hdd I had with ubuntu on it, and it's not bad. RAM and SSD will make it a speedy little thing.
I had something similar to that laptop for a while (Inspiron E1405)
C2D T7200 (2ghz)
4GB ram
Came with a...I wanna say 250gb HDD, I swapped it for a 256gb Crucial M4 I got from a friend, it was like night and day, felt as fast as the Thinkpad T430 I replaced it with does. And it was six years old when I replaced it.
New toy, retired Toughbook CF-73 semi-rugged laptop

1.8ghz P-M
30gb drive (ordered a 160gb)
ABGN wifi
Since this is initially where I've gotten my ideas from, I figured I'd post here as well. Here's my recently completed setup:


While this is pretty convenient for me, I wish my desk was a little bit bigger so I could push my monitors back a little bit more. Other than that though, I find all of the monitors very useful for what I need.

Does anyone know where this desk comes from below? It was posted by another member here awhile back.

Looks like a Frederik or something. Wish I had an Ikea near me, would be nice.

Yeah, same here. The closest one to me is Houston, TX. The cost of the desk I believe is that one is like $339 or something. The shipping is about $350+. Thankfully there's a company out here that takes weekly trips and charges significantly less.
Had this since Friday.

MSI GE40 2OC-218US





14" - 1600x900 - 4.4 LBs
Core i7-4702MQ
GeForce GTX 760M
1x8GB DDR3-1600 CAS11
Toshiba 128 GB mSATA SSD
Hitachi 1TB 7,200 RPM
Windows 8 x64

65.2C air exhaust temp - CPU/GPU get to 72/70C in Torchlight 2. Have a CoolerMaster NotePal U2 Plus on the way from Newegg right now. The back panel leaves a lot to desired in the terms of air intake. There aren't any ventilation cutouts where the exhaust fan it, so it pulls all it's air from the ventilation holes that are right above the CPU, GPU, and RAM. With the NPU2, I plan on configuring the fans on it to blow directly into those ventilation slots.

I feel that unless you get a 770M or higher than a FHD screen is just causing for frame rate issues with games. At 1600x900 I run Thief without any problems using these settings, my Borderlands 2 settings, and my 3DMark score
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Asus (hate it) N53SV

i7 2670qm
Nvidia gt 540M 1GB
Bang & olfusen ICEpower (that's nice)
Here's mine, got it a few months ago as a replacement to an older machine that had a faulty graphics card. They couldn't fix it and I went through 8 graphics cards.


Crucial M4 512GB SSD
WD 750GB
Intel SSD 530 Series 80GB

MSI GS60 4710 i7 2.5 860m 12gb ddr 128gb ssd 1tb 7200rpm

Ill post another pic next week when I have it setup on my desk with my new 24" monitor and new gaming keyboard/mouse setup :)