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Wow, It's almost been 5 years since I last posted in this thread. My last laptop was a Dell XPS M1710.

First up is the LG P420: 14" | i5-2410M | 4GB | GT 520M 1GB

Next up is the LG P330-UE40K: 13.3" | i5-2435M | 4GB | GT 555M 1GB

I really like the construction of these LG laptops, both are very light and thin. The P330 doesn't have an optical drive, which I plan on filling with another HDD. I'll probably sell the P420.
The laptop is fine, weight wise. It's the fucking charger that weighs a ton that I hate. I leave this thing at the office most days.

It's plugged in most of the time so I've no idea about the battery life.

I had one, i sold it 2 weeks later, hated it, battery life sucked and was bulky and heavy.

tough laptop tho,
Thanks! Ask for the 90w slim charger. Trust me, you'd want one.

QUOTE=elchorizo;1038149637]My company just switched to these sweet ass thinkpads too. But my laptop isn't ready for an upgrade yet. I'm still using a lame elitebook. :(

I have an X220 at home, so I know what I'm missing at work.

Anyway, grats![/QUOTE]
Vostro V131
6 gigs ddr3
Just got a 240gig SSD drive on the way for it today CHEAP CHEAP!
Corsair Force Series GT 240GB SSD SATA3




Yeah, the flash did it, looks proper in the last pic, anyway, I was just giving you shit ;)

how do you like the MSI GT683? I've been looking at getting it or either the Asus G55 but honestly I'm leaning more toward the MSI.......Both look great though. I did notice there's a MSI GT60 available and it's 15" as well......I've already got a Dell XPS M1730 which is a hog......haha

ThinkPad X220
i7 2620M
160GB Intel SSD
IPS screen
720P cam
9Cell Battery

I use it for VM work/development, Powershell/Linux Scripting work, Illustrating w/ Wacom Tablet, and all the other shit you do with a laptop. This thing is a beast.

Nice man, working on getting a Thinkpad for myself. Will probably go with the T520 or 420. Not sure yet...want something with a FHD panel
loving that x220 i had an x200 C2D and it was an absolute tank.. im a bit of a lenovo fanboy though
HP DV7T 7000.

Core i7-3610QM Processor (2.3 GHz, 6MB L3 Cache)
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M Graphics with 2GB GDDR5 memory
8GB DDR3 System Memory
1.5TB 7200 rpm Dual Hard Drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
32GB mSSD Hard Drive Acceleration Cache
17.3-inch diagonal Full HD Anti-glare LED-backlit Display (1920 x 1080)

My gaming station while I was deployed


By brian9720 at 2011-10-01

Previous M17x R2 I sold to a friend while deployed and current M18x chillin' together


By brian9720 at 2012-06-15
Well, I returned the DV7T and got the new Envy 17 instead. :D


Shot in the dark with my keyboard:

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I already posted my old machines

Vostro 1400 (2007)
Studio 1558 (2009)

and these are my new ones

First up Dell Vostro 3450 with
Intel i7 2640,
ATi 6630,
4GB ram (upgrading to 8),
500GB 5400 (upgrading to 750GB 7200)
1336*768 (upgrading to a 1600*900 panel)
WIreless N
Bluetooth 3.0
DVD drive (upgrading to BD-Rom)
backlit keyboard
fingerprint reader

Unfortunately no WC so I will have to contact Dell Parts to see if I can get one for the system. This gets the goodies as it will serve as my bedroom HTPC and the Studio 1558 will be retired to HTPC duties in the living room


Second up is a Dell Vostro 1400

Intel i3 2.53Ghz
2GB ram
320GB hard drive
1336*768 display
wireless N
BT 3.0
USB 2.0 only
3-1 card reader


This machine is for my wife who just uses it to do very basic computing and internet chat with family.
dang it, might have run into a snag with the hdd. might be limited to a 7.5mm drive on the 3450.....waiting for Dell to answer on that one....

EDIT: Machine came today with a few extra bonus

1. HD webcam
2. AMD 7650, a nice step up from 6630m
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My new ASUS Zenbook (UX32VD-DB71) Ultrabook (Mods= 10Gb of RAM + 240Gb Sandisk Extreme SSD)
This sucker weighs in at just under 3 lbs and really flys after the mods and a clean install of Win 7.




Zeus fully approves of this Ultrabook:
I got one of these few weeks back, Think Pad T61, awesome laptop, yes its older but this thing is like brand new.


Put in a new fan and its gold :) came with free dock too.
I don't think it's much larger than the ones routers used to come with, like the WRT54. Looks like it's attached to a netbook, might be the slightly larger sort they sold as replacements for those same routers. I'm more curious what it's attached to inside...