The highly rated HP Pavilion Slimline PC thread

May 17, 2013
Hello again,i post new pictures, now everything its plugged correctly,card reader works as be expected.
Was worried about temps , but everything looks ok using HW Monitor
Max temps playing games was 60°C on the Ryzen 5 1600 using stock cooler, im impressed with the noise levels, isnt audible
If you planning use this case with a ITX project, Ryzen its a perfect choice, excellent performance and a money saver
The hotest part its the GTX 750Ti, locked at 75°C using Afterburner, the case feels warm to the touch, but nothing to be worried.
Added a 92mm fan on the bottom to keep cool the SSD and have some airflow,
I dont recommend Adata SU650 , stays at 55-60°C all the time, dont matter if its idle or gaming
My next steps its wait to a more powerfull card , Nvidia or AMD and maybe a Disc drive


May 17, 2013
Hello again, i keep modifying my slimline, trying to get best airflow
I removed stock 92mm cooler master fan of the heatsink and put a silverstone ar06 92mm low profile fan which i cannot use
because silverstone never offered a am4 mounting kit
Cooler master stock cooler now im using it to keep fresh the SSD
Temps seems little worse on the 1600, but i did this to have some clearance to mount an additional fan
Today arrived my Artic P12 fan ,which i glued on the side door
Clearance are minimal, but its ok, fan blades and wires doesnt get obstructed
Temps dropped to low 50°C on the 1600, VRM temps from mid 60°C to mid 50°C
PSU fan runs a lot quieter and the case feels cold, which i expected with this modifications
By the way , i modded the shuttle stock PSU fan to a premium 40mm x20 mm Noctua fan, a really recommended upgrade
Artic and stock ryzen fan are plugged on a 4pin conector using a 7volt adapter to reduce noise and keeping a decent airflow.

IMG_0252.JPG IMG_0251.JPG IMG_0250.JPG
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