The highly rated HP Pavilion Slimline PC thread


May 17, 2013
I installed again the AMD 92mm fan, and remove the delta fan because the PSU feels cold even with maximum energy load
All the fresh air coming from the 92mm enter by the grill of the PSU and keep the components cold.
If you are tired of the noise from the Flex ATX PSU, you can use a Noctua A4X20mm and plug it on the Motherboard using the low noise adapter, add a 92mm just below the DVD Caddy (the fan need to be air presure optimized) and the dBa on idle are virtually silent.
Im using a IXtrema 40mm fan to push hot air from the PSU , this fan really sucks at max rpm (the brand claims max dbA are 14db, but they lie, the max dba with a cellphone app shows around 45dba @ 12 volts, too noisy)
With 7 volts adapter i got 15dba, barely spins and dont move a lot of air, but iits ok to keep low temps from the PSU.
In summary, now the noisy part its the GPU when i run games, but its ok, soon im gonna replace it.
Its possible build a decent gaming machine on this case and keep it silent with decent temps.
I Share a pic of my desktop, i dont like RGB but found a cheap mechanical keyboard and i bought it
(Every piece of my PC dont include lights ,except the Jostick RF receiver)


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