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  • Yeah, sometimes when I'm really stumped on a problem (and the book isn't helping), I find it's fairly useful to google the various topics or keywords in the problem.

    Haven't used "WebAssign" though (I can understand why you hate it, though...I personally have a strong dislike for online courses).
    yep. Although I actually haven't actually ran F@ recently, mostly when I get on my computer it's for school (writing papers, checking emails, googling answers to physics problems , etc.). One of the main reasons I'm upgrading my GPU is to allow me to fold on it, since it's like, ridiculously faster that way, lol.
    "New folding rig in the works :)"

    Haha, yesss!!! That's awesome. I take it this "folding rig" will be dedicated to running F@ 24/7, as the name implies? You can rack up some serious PPD that way.
    Haha, yep, sometimes I even stalk myself! (just kidding, lol). And I have to say, 1,185 posts? Most impressive!! :)
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