Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

You could if you were handy feed the wires through the wall and through another hole at the back of the TV. Did this in my home setup- wall socket in a cupboard through to a hole at back of TV. That's more for if you know with some certainty that your tv won't be moving from that spot.
Yup, got it at Frys, basic, stick on cable hider strip that comes in 2 parts, one that sticks onto the wall that the cables go in and the other is a cover piece. It was long enough that I cut it in 2 for my office, going to run the speaker wires though it. I wanted to run the wires in the wall, but that idea was not received to well.

The wall mount is just a Monoprice wallmount, you can get it on their site or Amazon. Its a bit stiff though for adjusting, but for just putting up and adjusting it how you like it, its ok.

Funny how things have different names in various part of the world.

We call it "Trunking" in Jamaica

Did a quick google image search at got the same thing you described
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is that micke desk bowing in the middle?
I was thinking of picking up one to replace my desk which is also bowing :(
Is that monitor curved? and what is it called?

Ultrawide QHD monitors are mad sexy, I will one day replace my muti-monitor setup with one of these.

You can make any monitor curved, you just need a fisheye lens. :D But I think he has a real curve, LOL.
To rpc180, pardon my ignorance but what is that sidebar that you have on the right of the screen? Is it a third party one with special gadgets? Thanks.
15+ million views, amazing.

This has to be one of the most viewed threads in the history of the internet.
Keep it going fellas.
I just got the Samsung 34" Curved. (Which is very nice imo, the input lag seems to be super low) But this was all I was able to come up with in terms of a setup on the spot:


Excuse the dust.
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I like to keep it simple nowadays and keep wires to a minimum, ill put a clearer picture up when theres some natural light:
just added this display to the and the wife have 31 monitors of all shapes and sizes with 15 in use , I am working up a few pics and a list to post


wow thats a lot of screens in one room. i think that would be more than my entire house.
I recently purchased an ASUS Swift (PG278Q). Mine arrived in perfect condition, not a single dead or stuck pixel. I've only had it for a few days, but G-sync is just amazing.

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potato picture, but this is 40" of plebbery. ill take a better pic once the camera charges
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