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  • Hey... sorry to bother you but am in the market for a nice desk and came across your pics and liked what I saw and was hoping you might be help me out.

    By the pics it seems like it shows the left side of your desk is not as deep as the right side... is this correct or is it just an illusion? I am kind of anal about things and was shooting for symmetry but if one side is narrower then my idea won't work.

    If I am wrong and both sides are equal depth, then I was wondering if there would be way to make each side equal lengths with what Ikea offers or will I need to cut some pieces? I would like each side to be roughly 126 3/4" and that's with adding a quarter-round to each end.

    Also... whats the deal with having 2 extensions and no leg there, is it pretty solid and no bowing in that area?

    Appreciate any help you can give.

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