Post your workstations 2011

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probably should get a better camera, but whatever.


Hmmmm....what's that growing down there on the bottom right of this pic?
Great set up there pal, what are your certificates on your wall? Degree, etc? Congrats on your marriage, I got married this year too :), yet to move to a bigger house yet though.

thanks! the expensive peices of paper on the wall are our degrees. congrats on getting married!
Added a genuine movie poster of the Bourne Ultimatum that was at our theater in the Adirondacks. My dad knows the guy, so he gave us a couple good ones. Got one of "Serenity" too, best movie of all time. :D

And that's if no one else bids... :eek:

I wouldnt buy from that guy, I dont purchase from anyone on ebay who doesnt have a 98% or better reputation.

I wish they would just bring back the Danboard's for a little bit. I would love to get one.
finally got my 5.1 setup, got my g27, yea my cable management is horrid, still a work in progress










Hope ya'all like my setup. It's a bit messy...and not completely setup since I've moved and went to a LAN party.
Full images here: IMAGES!!!
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Just got an Antec Kuhler 920 from JR and going to install it later tonight. Hopefully will be able to get this X4 up to 3.8-4.0ghz.
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Just got a Antec Kuhler 920 from JR and going to install it later tonight. Hopefully will be able to get this X4 up to 3.8-4.0ghz.

Sexy stuff, but do some cable management in that rig!
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haha, alright, looking forward to it!

BTW how do you like the wasd kb?

I think it's a great keyboard. Feels sturdy and really smooth to type on. The customer service was great, had a question and had it answered within an hour. Also quick shipping, ordered Sunday got it Wednesday...and I live on Oahu.

It's my first mechanical keyboard so I kinda had to make a educated guess on which switch to go with (Black, Brown or red). Computer stores on Oahu don't that sell these type of keyboards. When I had to decide on which one to get I had to hope after reading a info online that it would be the one I liked. I ended up going with the brown keys and they feel great but I can't really compare to the others because they are the only type I've felt.

It's a big step up from my old Saitek keyboard that I've had for 7 years. They are expensive though, $140 for the custom one and $120 for a semi-custom. I hate to think I spent that much on a keyboard but if I keep it for as long as my old one I think it was money well spent.
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