Post your workstations 2011

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Apr 2, 2010
With me moving in on January 1st, I thought it was necessary to post up my new workstation.

Pics uploaded in a bit!
It maybe 2011 where he's located so cut the guy some slack. I was going to start the 2011 workstation thread around Xmas just so I could say that I did it ;)
according to his profile he is a new yorker so I can't give him much slack! :D :p
My New HT 2011 * the first Images :)


I caught a bunch of crap for just talking about starting the 2011 thread. Oh well, maybe next year.
I'll add my pics on this spot, though.
nothing fancy, just my man cave. still in college so can't afford anything super amazing.



the two monitors are connected to my GTX 460 via DVI and my HDTV is connected to my old 4870 which has been downclocked to reduce temps.
Including my new 2010 Christmas presents. I can't see how I ever made it without eyefinity.

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Including my new 2010 Christmas presents. I can't see how I ever made it without eyefinity.

Props on a fewllow Antec 1200.

If you swap the front fans out for Xigmatek orange's, it looks really sweet!

I'll try to get some pics of my rigs up when I can get my hands on my camera again. Cell phone doesn't quite capture the beauty of the LED's :p
Hasn't changed much from 2010, Hoping to get an Antec p193 this year. Happy New Year everyone



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Nice! What are you amping your 770s with?


i am driving the DT770 Pro-80's with a Yamaha RX-V365. they sound pretty good, but i'm curious to know if I can make them sound even better. perhaps with a dedicated amp?
My Workstation with the SGI machine in-use.


How things normally look, with the left most monitor in-use as a TV.


No major improvement from 2010. Added the printer.


Plans for this year include a brand new setup - perhaps late-Spring. And a new digital camera. Mine is showing it's age.

Not as nice as everyone elses. Main laptop died 2 days before deployment, so this is what im working with for a year.
My Workstation with the SGI machine in-use.


How did you get the monitor in the middle to look like it has no stand? It looks sooo clean and nice lol. Nice setup btw :D
Our "game room". Typically, I'll be playing something on the PC while my wife plays something on the big screen (which, for the last month straight, has been Plants vs Zombies, lol. She just started getting into Muramasa: The Demon Blade though, so that's cool.) TV is a 42" Panasonic. Also, you can't see it in either picture, but we have a 7' CozySac as our couch.


Close-up shot of the view at the desk (taken before I had mounted the black light):

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Considering I have seen some HT/Workstation entries, I would like to take this opportunity to not post “Frank” but show my “Other Work (lol) Station”. Not much work gets done here, but gaming, web browsing, and movie watching does happen a lot here. FPS games via the Asus G50VT Gaming Laptop I use as an HTPC as well is an amazing experience when my wife is gone and I can crank the system – I am sure my neighbors have thought a war was going on inside my house a few times. COD MW2, Crysis, COD BO, and even Far Cry 2 are freaking amazing to play here and the trusty Logitech gaming mouse and keyboard do well with little to no lag.

So without further ado, let’s take a tour of the “other workstation” shall we………..

We must start out with the Asus Laptop that is also connected to a 4-bay eSATA drive that holds 8TB of capacity where I store my movies because I am too lazy to get up and pull them out of the drawer. I like the convenience of them being here with full menu support via “MyMovies” and TotalMediaPlayer 3. I also use a Logitech Harmony One remote that works with the laptop, so in-movie I can use the Harmony One for the normal movie controls without having to lean forward for the mouse on the table (yeah I can be lazy sometimes). This laptop has an Nvidia 9800M GS and it does quite well with gaming as well as playing Blu Rays via HDD feeding the next component via HDMI which we will discuss…..


Here is the A/V Receiver that pushes the Audio/Video it receives from the Asus Laptop. It is a Pioneer Elite SC-27 beast of a receiver. 7.1 @ 140w of ICE Class D Amps per channel (980w Total), this baby really produces the sound in ways I never knew sound could be reproduced before I put this entire system together. The Paradigm Studio 100's are also bi-amped, so they are getting 280w each basically. Games seriously come to life when this thing is kicking out the sound.


Then on the other side, just to note, is the Blu Ray and the PS3 units for additional gaming and movie watching fun.


So now to show you what it is pushing for Sound and Video………

The TV is a 55” Samsung 8000 240Mhz LED TV that was only out for a few weeks before Samsung go5t sued for the tech inside and they pulled them from the market. This thing is amazing at black levels and smooth motion. The speakers are the pride and joy of mine, they are Paradigm Studio 100’s and a Studio CC-590 for the center channel. The Rear Speakers I will show below are also Paradigm Studio 60’s. The Subwoofers you see flanking the TV are AVS MFW-15’s and are 15” @ 350W each and they will rattle the house. When playing FPS games, explosions are freaking incredible coming through these speakers.

Here they are with the speaker grills on


And with them off


Now just to show some more angles and details – enjoy…………….







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Its funny how this thread concept never gets old. I swear some of the setups in here are the exact same pics from last year...but I still feel compelled to look.

I just read a story that said that every piece of gear in your house is bad for your health. So pack it all up and send it to me. I'll sacrifice my health for you.:D
Nice setup!! :D
Muchos Gracias
I just read a story that said that every piece of gear in your house is bad for your health. So pack it all up and send it to me. I'll sacrifice my health for you.:D
I sincerely appreciate your concern and the willingness to take the risk to assist me, however I will just have to suffer through the consequences as I have "made my bed" and now I must just lay in it - AND GAME LOUDLY!

One thing I failed to mention is the fact that both the TV and the Pioneer are capable of 1920x1080 resolution - however 1920x1080 on a 55" is seriously something to behold when gaming. When the lights are out, wife is gone, sub's are kicked up a bit, and the game is one - it is a totally emerssive experience.
Still a work in progress but here's mine.






Gotta figure a way to move this around better. :)
Happy New Year everyone! :D



Now I don't have to post for another year in this thread. :p
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