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Ok so I've done a little more work, see my previous post just a little above this one.

The PC-V1010 isn't exactly great for cable management. I've added some tie down points and replaced my red SATA cables with black ones. Looks better. I'm waiting on a 8Pin CPU extension to route that cable behind the motherboard and then I think I'll have done as much as I can.

I do have 2 SSD, 3 HDD and 3 optical drives in this system so there are a lot of rights taking up space.

Please offer me any suggestions and feedback!

Back of MB tray:

Closer view of SSD and HDD and PSU area:

SSD and HDD and PSU area other side:

Main side:

Windowed panel installed:
What do you need three rom drives for?

I don't really. I could easily so with just the Pioneer BDR-207D now. The Samsung DVD-ROM I added because it would read Xbox 360 games, I maybe ripped 5 games and it's never been used since. I do use the DVD-RW when burning dvd's instead of the BDR but I rarely burn anything anymore.

That being said other than a couple extra sata cables they aren't really doing anything negative.
This side is relatively okay.

Was that rating for cleanliness or crammed messiness?


They should make double window cases with the slogan "Where you gonna hide your wires now, Asshole?"
Awesome looking build. Usually not a fan of Lian Li cases but your machine makes it look great. Noctuas, great looking WC setup, clean wiring and components. 1+
Thanks! I find it hard to get cases I sort of like. The TJ07, 800D and 909 are some of my favourites. This Lian Li is pretty alright. Could be a bit more ridged though and the back is kinda ugly. Although this is a few years old now it can still play games pretty well at 1440p so I don't plan on subbing anything out anytime soon.

The tubing is a soft pipe Neoprene tube. The product is Norprene and it's manufactured by Tygon.
EK use similar stuff on their predator series. It is low evaporative and doesn't leach plasticiser.
My new build. Not much room to work with in this case.


The back of the motherboard tray:


EDIT: busted out the big camera, and got a shot of the back.
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The Corsair was a bit too cramped for me. So I moved everything over to a Phanteks Enthoo Pro M overnight.

It is same frame as tj08, but this model is named Kublai KL06, different front panel
My latest Silverstone FT05 build.

This is by far one of the most difficult cases I've ever worked on, but it was soooooo worth it. Took me almost all day to wire this beast.

Upon leaving Microcenter yesterday, I picked up a bulk bag of 100 zip ties. I used almost all of them.

Album here.


First up, the mod I had to do to the optical drive caddy. I purchased Silverstone's own CP10 cable set meant for their own slot load drive. Interestingly enough, Silverstone did not design their own case with their own unique cable in mind. This right angle cable would get caught on the plastic housing and not allow me to install the caddy. So out came the dremel and drill. Note the 4pin molex to SATA power adapter plug (bought separately) so I didn't have to use extra cables off my PSU.



Next, The front panel cabling and fan wires. I plugged the 2 Silverstone 180mm fans directly into the motherboard, but disabled fan control in the bios opting to use the case's built in fan control instead. There is a crap ton of wires here, bundling them together and snaking them behind the motherboard was a real chore. The biggest trick to pulling this off is actually removing the bottom plate so you can remove both fans. Removing the intake fans allows you to snake several thin cables in the tiny crevice between the fans and the motherboard tray.



More front panel cabling and the 8pin EPS connector.



24pin ATX power and USB 3.0 plug. By far the worst offenders.



SATA, Front Panel connections, and modular PSU plugs. I highly recommend anyone building in this case avoid right angle connectors. There is very little room to fit a right angle plug in your SSD on the back panel, and right angle connectors on the HDD's actually make things worse since the design of the HDD caddy would force right angle cables to bend back on themselves.

Instead, SATA III cables with tiny latching plugs work really well. I recommend these.



The backside where the magic happens. If done right, you can allocate the entire 2nd 2.5" drive bay to cable management. If you have more SSD's, then I suggest mounting them in a PCI slot with one of these (1. or 2.)or figuring out a way to mount them elsewhere.



Full view of the hardware. Most cables are hidden. Note the special Vault-Tec bobblehead that helped with the necessary stat increases on my dexterity and patience.
Ted's just pissed off he didn't get to do something kinky with zip-ties.



All buttoned up. Now I just got to deal with the cables coming out the top.

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ITGuy1024 nice and clean...Specs?


Rosewill Rise Case
Gigabyte 970A Motherboard
AMD FX-6300 (6 Core 3.5Ghz) With Hyper 212 EVO
Rosewill Valens 600W PSU
Dual GTX 550 Ti's in SLI
BitFenix Cable Extensions
8GB of some random memory I had
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Pretty crappy pics I know (I blame the camera heh), did a slight refresh on our home server from 1155 to 1150 (i3 to Pentium). Got a better board with a full complement of SATA3 ports and a socket upgrade for free, not complaining. Had to reorganize some cables in my cramped Lian Li PC-A04 case with absolutely no place to hide cables - partly due to how I configured the hard drive cages for drive suspension and less obstruction to incoming air. All in all, the third rebuild for it!

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