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Two reasons you should not ride the metro:

First: They wear gas masks...if it smells that bad, then it ain't coming off your clothes; you gotta burn those britchez (pronounced like bitches).

Second: 1994, Edward Leary...there are crazy people riding that thing and some of them have bombs.
One should never ride the metro, because the metro does not have bathrooms, and sometimes after a few pitchers of beer... the metro becomes the bathroom
You should not ride the metro, not unless you don't mind hanging on to Monorails Entering Tunnels Really Overstuffed.


BTW Kyle, do non-US residents stand a chance for winning the card? Or is it just the game alone?
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One should not ride the metro because who knows whats lurking down there when you get stuck.
WOW.. MSI putting out a new MSI 460GTX 1G Cylon model! Hope it looks as good as this "older" model..

scroll down a bit more..

yeah.. some more scrolling is involved..

Almost there..!!

HEY.. I am doing this to save your job!! Why are you even trying to look at potential NSFW pics while at work anyways??


Ohh.. wait.. what?!? Cyclone?? No!!!! OK.. I can recover from this.. I think.. mmmmm... you never see Cylons that Six on the metro.. so best to just stay clear of the metro!!

Hopefully, no one was fired over viewing this post!! You were warned!!
You should ride the metro because you'll never know what colorful bunch of crack heads exposing themselves your life will be without if you do not... trust me on this one.
No one should ride the Metro because it was the worst Eddie Murphy movie ever...Sure it don't make sense but there is truth to my statement.
In for the 460

Don't ride the metro because where there isn't one like in my place (Quebec City), they want to build one from scratch. It's gonna be a tramway so it will be on the surface, slower, will cost taxpayers over 1 billion dollars, the drivers will be unionized and to make place for it, they will cut one or two lanes for cars to make place for this nonsense.

Don't take the metro or tramways... heck don't even want one...
You don't want to ride the metro as you might run into that guy making out with a chicken while rolling around on the floor.
If you ride the Metro, you will be automatically forced to remember the Berlin song of the same name from 1982. This is unavoidable, and it is unacceptable.

Friends don't let friends remember the 80s. SAY NO TO THE METRO!
Don't watch Metro because that movie sucked. Eddie Murphy's first mega-bomb.

Don't ride the Metro because John Travolta may jack your train for stock dividends.

Don't talk smack about Metro because Samus will smoke your butt for even getting close to the word Metroid.
I'm alone, sitting with my broken glass
My four walls follow me through my past
I was on a Paris train
I emerged in London rain
And you waiting there swimming through apologies

I remember searching for the perfect words
I was hoping you might change your mind
I remember the soldier standing next to me
Riding on the Metro

I was smiling as you took my hand
Saw the mood we spoke in France
You were passed as shallow word
It isn't passed there's still a hurt
You were passed as shallow word
It isn't passed there's still a hurt
I can see you now smiling as I pulled away..

I remember the letter wrinkled in my hand
"I'll love you always" filled my eyes
I remember the night we walked along the Seine
Riding on the Metro

I remember a feeling coming over me
The soldier turned, then walked away
F**k you for loving me
Riding on the Metro
I should ride the metro since Ive yet to have a chance to ride one here in Florida....
You shouldn't ride the metro (especially in NYC) because it will be highjacked by the extremely violent John Travolta :)

Shouldnt ride the metro because the DC metro has one of the worst safety ratings in the country, trains often derail and there have been several deadly train on train collisions
Not riding the metro could be the difference in not getting peed on by a wino and being at home enjoying a game of Metro 2033 alongside a shiny new MSI GTX 460
I rode the Metro once in Rome. Instead of packed into a sardine can next to a buxom Italian beauty, I was on a car with a group of school kids, around 7th grade. One of them (a boy) grabbed another boys ass and motioned to me, like I did it. Lots of screaming in Italian and a premature departure.

cazzo la mia vita.
If you ride the metro in Phoenix, you will melt before you arrive at your destination!

In for 1!

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