MSI - Metro 2033 - GTX 460 Giveaway!

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May 18, 1997
MSI, a long time HardOCP advertiser is giving our readers 20 downloadable copies of Metro 2033 and one lucky reader will get his hands on a brand new MSI 460GTX 1G Cyclone!

Post in this thread to enter the drawing. Tell us your why you should not ride the Metro. Humor is encouraged. ONE POST ONLY. Winners will be selected at random next Monday.

Thank you MSI!

All Winners have been notified via PM. Check your boxes. SonicTron was our card winner. Thanks MSI!
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One should not ride the Metro since everyone knows that busses are not safe and thats where all shootings occur.
You should not ride the metro because theres stormtroopers! :O

It's safe to ride the metro unless you're going to insult Epic Beard Man. If you do, you better call Amber Lamps.
MSI is trying to turn 20 of us into Metro Station Insomniacs.

In for a shot... at winning a 460.
With all the crazy thieves out there, one should not ride the Metro with a GTX 460 in-hand ;), ESPECIALLY an MSI one which is far cooler and more desirable than others :D.
You shouldn't ride the metro because falling asleep gets you stabbed by a hobo.
You shouldn't ride the metro because of the conductors. They're mean, fat, smelly, and hairy. I tell ya, they're really driving the metro system into the ground! :p

PS: Thanks MSI!
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The MetroGnomes will get you every time...avoiding the Metro all together is the best possible solution.
Riding the Metro is dangerous because of the japanese business men who fondle your junk when its packed up.
You shouldn't ride the Metro because the metro rides the tracks and then the tracks ride the cement and then it rides the ground and then the earth and then all the materials in the Earth and when the Metro is blown up, the whole earth blows up thus causing an apocalypse.
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You should not ride the Metro for one very simple reason...they smell like urine..
You should not ride the metro unless you want to "witness the everyday horrors of a broken society living in constant fear."
Oh heck why not! Steam screwed me with the authentication on my Metro 2033 so it's a bust cuz I can't find the receipt! So why not?

Give me another copy!!!

Oh and, if anyone lives in the DC area knows why you really shouldn't ride the metro!
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You should not ride the Metro because if I've learned anything while reading about the educational title that is Metro 2033, it's that the Metro is full of things that want to kill me.
I shouldn't ride the metro because I can't keep my arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. :eek:

Thanks, MSI!
I shouldn't ride the metro because it is full of vicious monsters? Why would you need more than that?
Some crazy chit down in them thare tunnels boys! Go clean'em out!

(In for the drawing!)
Just built an i7 rig and couldn't afford a graphics card yet. Hopefully gonna get one soon to play Metro 2033(hint, hint...)
Shouldnt ride the metro because In case of real zombies being underground during a breakout is in fact a bad place to be in.
Well, if they're anything like in Hostel, I wouldn't be particularly fond of sharing any of my space on the metro with crazed murderous rich folk.
You shouldn't ride the metro because that is almost alway the first spot the terrorist release the nerve gas.
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