MSI - Metro 2033 - GTX 460 Giveaway!

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Why should you not ride the Metro? Easy. Escalators. Who cares about muggings when there is a potential 400 ft vertical drop between you and public transportation? Experience for yourself in Washinton DC's metro (Rosslyn stop in particular).
Do not ride the Metro because it's a UN plot to control travel and access.
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One should not run the metro because you do not burn enough oil. As Americans we have a duty to drive our SUV's at every opportunity!
You should not ride the metro.....because I put a lot a thought into my post on the just cause 2 giveaway and you guys chose at random instead of reading my post and laughing and giving me my code like you should've. You owe me!!! Thx :)
I'm in!

You should not ride the Metro because Jesus rides the bus.

I should not ride the metro because down hear in new Orleans la they would be underwater year round!
There are Nuclear Enlarged Rats In the Metro and who wants to ride with those things!

Normal Rats are bad enough!
You shouldn't ride the metro because you never know when one of the following will occur:

1) The train your on will be hijacked and you'll be held hostage because ultimately someone didn't get enough attention from their daddy and just needs a hug.

2) An alien species able to turn itself invisible decides to hunt some rider on your train because they managed to insult it or pissed it off.

3) Some mad person hijacked another train and filled it with explosives and you're now heading towards that train which may or may not explode causing that train and yours to derail and wipe out the support beams holding up the street, which then leads to the street collapsing, which is horrible, but really this was just a ploy to get a team of specialists in to steal money from the conveniently located national bank with millions of dollars worth of gold bullion that some short sighted civil engineer thought would never be broken into in this method because it was preposterous, but really they just lacked imagination and a small private army.

Ok, I admit the 3rd one is a little absurd.. really, you shouldn't ride the metro because that's what the metro wants you to do, and do you really think it's wise to trust something made out of steel, concrete, has vast amounts of electricity at it's whim and stretches over hundreds of miles? I don't.
You don't ride the metro because the drivers are to busy sending text messages . . .gheez, where I have seen this before.
Is a metro like an underground train/ subway, do not ride since the trains may run over the poor people (Morlocks) down there that can not afford to pay high rents among the surface dwellers (Eloi).
I do not ride the Metro because growing up I was taught 2 things - Don't talk to strangers and do not ride the Metro.
you don't need to ride the metro. Chuck Norris can use his teleportation powers to transport you across the world! Plus, if you don't have a Chuck Norris near you, call Morgan Freeman (if you've watched Bruce Almighty he's supposed to be God). Whatever you do, don't ride the metro. Ride the bus at the very least!
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