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I don't ride the Metro because "a man gets on the MTA In L.A. and dies. It's six hours before anyone realizes there's a corpse riding around LA." And I'm not going to meet my demise like Tom Cruise at the hands of Jamie Foxx :p
In to win.

Oh, and I'm not riding the metro because, well ... I live in a suburb. There aren't any metros here, too remote.
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Because that guy in the corner who looks like a slack-jawed Patrick Stewart isn't wearing pants... and keeps looking at you "funny". True story actually...

Thanks MSI!
Why you should not ride the Metro?

Money is needed to ride the metro, and I'm broke.
Everyone knows the Metro never runs on time.
Terrorists like to target the Metro. Sometimes, they are six years old.
Repairs to the metro take FOR-EVER.
Other, faster transportation is available... like my car!
You shouldnt ride the Metro, cause you could end up in an awkward posistion, like me here,
You shouldn't ride the metro because, deep dark tunnels is where all the fun really begins ;)
You shouldn't ride the Metro because there's creepy ass monsters on them in the year 2033.
You shouldn't ride the metro because the Filipino Hookers will get all your money on a late night ride.
Shouldn't ride the metro because people or you may fall down to the tracks and lose a leg. Like that one time it happened while taking the D uptown in Manhattan!
Well, the only mass transit system here underground is the sewer. And I'm not about to go riding with the hankys, not even at christmas. Talking poo is where I draw the line. Screw you guys, I'm a going home.
You should not take the metro unless you have a 460 to handle it.
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You shouldn't ride the Metro because it is full of death, or at least smells like it.
You should not ride the Metro, because you never know what type of mutation you will incounter and possibly turn into or die from.
We midwesterners don't take kindle to these "cavern trains". We are quite wary of the lessons from the east where they delved too greedy.. too deep.
dont fear the metro for the metro doesn't fear you, if you do fear the metro then follow below procedures.
1. do not moon the metro as it passes by, you will get a cap in your a$$
2. do not pee on both lines of the metro, you will get ur noodle zapped off
3. do not run from the metro crying like a baby, you will get posted online and made fun of.
Other then the above procedures everything else is good.
You shouldn't ride the Metro because in 2033, it doesn't actually work, and besides, in Soviet Russia, the Metro rides YOU!

In for the 460 :)
You shouldnt ride the metro cause of the diseases from ppl have sex. Unless your into the risky business kinda thing.
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