LEPA Lucky Draw

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I haven't had the opportunity to use LEPA products in the past but the LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold PSU would be showcased in my new powerhouse system build!

Lepa 1600 watt PSU! I've wanted to do a serious upgrade of my rig for a while, but multiple video cards and Haswell E are a bit beyond my trusty Corsair 750 watt PSU. I'm in NA.
I have had a LEPA PSU in the past when mining. It was a very solid PSU and I would never hesitate to use a LEPA PSU in a build.
North America

Been here 10 years. 0 for every contest.

Come on man.

I would own any LEPA product because I don't have any. I heard the PSUs are pretty good though......wink,wink.
North America.

Would own the fans, heard a fair amount of positive feedback and need to replace a few failed yate loons.
I'm in N. America and would like to try the 1600 PSU in my new case! :)

I have never had the opportunity to use their products, but I could always use more power
I want a LEPA 1600 Power Supply, since it is the biggest and baddest one out there.
I would own the Lepa 1600w due to the high wattage with the 80plus Gold rating!
We just used Lepa 1600W on IDF gigabyte X99 OC ln2 party yesterday in SFO and it was awesome :)

I have never used any Lepa products before, but my socket 2011 build could use a LEPA G1600-MA power supply to ensure the pumps keep flowing at high overclocks!
I could use the LEPA G1600-MA 1600W PSU, or the CPU cooler for a new build. Actually anything but the notebook cooler. THX
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Building a new system and that PSU the LEPA 1600watt would be just the ticket. Good stable power and plenty of reserve.
My aging Enermax 85+ could use an upgrade, considering Im thinking of a dual 295x2 system this would fit the build nicely ;)

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the 1600w psu is huge and gold rated to :) how far PSUs have come since 500w was huge

North America

I would use the PSU for a gaming rig I plan to build in the near future.
First of all I would choose the LPC308 case, since I don't have a wire management friendly case, and then the MaxGold 700 PSU to power up any single-GPU that I would use in my configuration in the near future, and 5 BOL.QUIET PWM fans with blue LED's.
I would own the cooling pad for notebooks since I do most of my computing and all my gaming on notebooks.
I would love to have the LEPA 1600w PSU for a new system I'm planning to build, and would really get some use from the LEPA notebook cooling pad for my ASUS G75. Of course i'd also try out the LEPA fans as my new system will need quite a few!

I would own Lepa gold rated PSU! I bought a few for work PCs and they run great!

NA location
LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold PSU because I'll never need another one. Ever.
I am toying with the idea of adding a third gfx card to my system. A Lepa 1600w PS would go a long way in helping me make that idea a reality.
G1600-MA PSU is what I'd be wanting to try out to compare against the Corsair I currently use. I'm NA.

Definitely the LEPA G1600-MA 1600W.
10 PCI-E connectors
Fully sleeved cables
full modular design
1600watts !!!
whats not to love.
North America

G1600-MA PSU - Need big, reliable power for multi gpu systems on my bench table.
I'm in NA

I can imagine multiple uses for the CPU Cooler, PSU, and the fans!

I've never heard of LEPA before seeing this post.
1600W PSU because I need more juice! That HSF looks pretty badass, too.
From NA.
LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold PSU

Due to the wattage and gold rating, looks beefy.
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