LEPA Lucky Draw

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I would love a Lepa 1600w psu to power my system. I've and used enermax/Lepa products in the past, and have one in my rig right now. In the USA
I would like to own the LEPA S17 Notebook Cooling Pad to help keep my HP DV7 laptop cool, it likes to run very hot.
Dear Lucky Draw,

I would like to own the LEPA BOL.QUIET PWM Fans, cause I like the lights at my NA location ONLY ONCE.
Specs on the Lepa 1600w PSU are fantastic. Just what the doctor would order for a quad crossfire set-up!
I could really use that LEPA 1600W Gold PSU because I like power and gold. Also my 5+ year old TX850 is the fritz I believe.
I'd really like a P1050M and just be done with power supply purchases for as long as it lasts!
LEPA - the only power supply officially endorsed by cat owners everywhere. (being a cat owner - this is why... but the 1600w flavor would get me into X80 tri-sli ready mode)
I would own a "LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold PSU" because I'm in the process of building a PC and a quality gold PSU would be a nice addition to it.
The 1600W PSU looks good for mining! (or tri/quad fire)
The heatsink + 2PWM Fans would be pretty good upgrade from my stock Intel one as well :D

North America
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This is what I need to finally be able to overclock my system! I am running 3 video cards, a raid card, and 12 hard drives, my old power supply just manages to get by.

I am in North America
that psu would be great for my crossfire x4

never tried one of their products, this would be a good recommendation lol
I'd happily take a LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold PSU, I'm pretty sure my Silver Stone Strider 1000W has hit it's limit on my OC'd system.
I'd love to have the G1600 just for the power needs. Although a matching set of fans for the computer would also be nice...
I would own a Lepa power supply. While the 1600watts is overkill for my system it would guarantee that the psu is not a limiting factor in my overclocking for many future systems to come.
NA user
Lepa fans are good quality items, or appear to be, have purchased
LV12 Black cooler, competitive, when the price is right
Notebook Cooling Pad, appears a reasonable item, cost dependent
G1600-MA a top rated power supply, contender if I needed 1600 watts.
I'd totally love the Lepa 1600w due to the high capacity wattage with the 80plus Gold rating.

I'll be building an uber rig soon and could really use the massive power supplied by that LEPA power supply. Of course I'll need fans and coolers to keep everything from melting down here in tropical Hawaii.
I'd own the IMD Enclosure LE2001, because it has a motherf'n leopard on it, that's why! :cool:
I would get a LEPA LPC308 case. My current case is old and needs to have it's cables tidied up. (NA)
North America

I would get a G850 ps, because I am about ready to start a new build.

LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold PSU since i am on 350W
This would be a lovely upgrade to my old system..

I would like to own the LEPA PSU. That's a solid product I won't have to worry about in the future.
North America

looking over the PSU's, that max gold 800 looks very interesting to me. I could see myself getting it depending on price. Same with the G750/850 too.

i admit though, i am more curious about the fans. kinda tempted to try and pick some of those up for more airflow and looks.
I would get the power supply. Modular Power Supplies are the best way to keep a clean uncluttered system. 18cm fans are real quite too. Not to mention that my power supply is the oldest item in my computer right now and I probably should upgrade it soon
Definitely the cooling fans. Why? because I love quiet fans! I dont have any in my current rig unfortunately. Just the loud stock fans.
EU - Greece here. A LEPA 1600W PSU wouldn't hurt when I get another GTX 780 in xmas!
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