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All prizes have been claimed and are on the way to their new owners! Check you PM box for tracking.

Today we are beginning a Lucky Draw for LEPA. LEPA is giving away one of the each following LEPA products to HardForum users in North America and another set for our European readers. All will be drawn at random.


To enter, please answer the following question: What LEPA product(s) would you own and why? Please note NA or EU location in your post. POST ONLY ONCE IN THIS THREAD!

The following LEPA products are included in our Lucky Draw.

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I would definitely love a Lepa 1600w psu to power my tri sli system. I've loved and used enermax/Lepa products for over 5 years and always had a great experience. In the USA btw
I have plans for a multi video card setup in the near future. With this in mind I would love to get my hands on a Lepa 1600w PS.

I would own the Lepa 1600w due to the high wattage with the 80plus Gold rating.
NA. I've never heard of LEPA. CPU cooler and laptop cooling pad. Why? I like my shit to stay cool.

I'd like to have the LEPA cpu coolers. Cool and quiet is the way I run my systems, and Enermax made fans are wonderful.
Well since I can't get the MaxPlatinum 1700w I guess I would have to settle with the 1600w :D...Soooo juicy :Q__
There is no such thing as too much power for overclocking!
NA user

I would love to use all Lepa products listed above in the OP.

The cooling pad would be perfect for my wife's Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro ultra book cause it gets very hot underneath.

The fans would always come in handy since I'm going to be building a pc for my godson in the coming weeks for him to be able to do his homework.

I have always had luck with Enermax and Lepa products and would love to extend that to other family members to help build a loyal fan base for their products.
I am planning on an SLI upgrade when the next gen of NVIDIA cards come out and this 1600w PSU would handle it with ease!

NA Location as well!
NA Location

Definitely the LEPA G1600-MA 1600W PSU to help with my muti-GPU setup in the gaming rig.

I would definitely love a Lepa 1600w as I run my dual 280x on a TX-650 and I have to undervolt the cards for my PSU to handle it.
Power supply without a doubt, that 1600w looks like a beast!

I would like to own LEPA LV12 Black CPU Cooler + 2 x LEPA BOL.QUIET PWM Fans because the cpu cooler has the different latest technology called "U-Shape" and the Fans are really quiet :) (US)

The 1600w Lepa PSU would be great for my future gaming rig -- planning to go multi-GPU in it ;)
I would love to try out a Lepa PSU and some of the Lepa LED case fans! I would not be hesitant because of their renowned quality.

I'd say their PSUs since they're very similar in build quality to Enermax.


any of them I guess, except maybe that laptop cooler, my lappy is underpowered

but mother of god...that PSU :eek:

I would like to try out a PSU for a new system, and I'd like to also try out the laptop cooler for my Dell (gets mighty hot in some games)

Been using Lepa and Enermax fans for years. More solid products is always a good thing.
I've not used them before but I'd love to see what their capable of and I'm in need of a new PSU to handle my GPU so the G1600 could be awesome.

Show me what you got Lepatek! :D

I'd like the cpu cooler and fan.

My fan on my cpu cooler finally died after a few years of 24/7 running, and as of right now, I'm under clocking and under volting to keep my system running. The cooler and fans would go into my system asap.

I'm in North America!

Thank you.
I would try anoughter 1600 Lepa. Tried a used one wouldnt post my system :( Need more power for my water cooled tripple 290 setup and over clocked 3930k.

I would appreciate the MAX Gold 600 power supply as I typically only run one video card in my systems.

I would place a LV12 CPU cooler in my back up system for quiet cooling.

Sure could use that LEPA PSU for my upcoming new build, and that LEPA cooling pad would be great under my very overclocked HP Pavilion DV6 laptop!

Didn't know LEPA got into the CPU cooler game, but they've been making some damn fine PSUs for quite a few years now.
I would put a LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold PSU in my rig, and future rigs for a long time to come.
Always dreamed of having a monster Watt power supply and the 1600W LEPA would do the job admirably. Being that it is also 80plus Gold is amazing.
I would love to own that LEPA G1600-MA so I could take my gaming to the next level by providing enough power to multiple GPU's. (USA)
Since my PC is adequate now, I'd pass on the PSU and get the cooling pad. NA.
Don't own any Lepa, but would like to try some out. NA.
I'd use the 1600w PSU in my JBOD which currently has a 600w PSU.

I'd use (and do currently) their PWM fans because they are well priced and non-fancy fans.
Looking for new psu and LEPA has it. Enough power for my gamers rig with no power shortage. Feed my video cards. North America.
I'd love some new case fans- the ones I have are starting to wear out :-( I guess my case is just getting too old.
That is an awesome looking cooler, which I happen to need right now.
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I have been looking to score a Lepa power supply for my new build. I thought about the Corsair 1500 watter as well, but the price on the Lepa makes it a tad more appealing.
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