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  • Just curious what did you end up getting for your two 980's? I have 3 989sc's I need to sell and wasn't too sure where to price them. Thanks.
    "you chose the prior as the thing that's disgusting and grossly overcharging of goods?"

    Well it's gotten a lot better in terms of playability and stability. Finding myself a bit annoyed that it doesn't look as sharp as the pre-alpha footage, but it's gorgeous on its own. Currently modding the shit out of it to make it more challenging and tactical.
    Well if you ever somehow get bored of Rome 2, then Fall of the Samurai is worth a visit. I did an entire campaign using samurai versus gunpowder armies; gunpowder doesn't dominate to the point where you're forced to use it to succeed, but it makes for an interesting challenge when trying to nullify that disadvantage.
    5-hour Shogun marathon means you're barely 1/4 through your campaign. :D If you have the latest expansion, Fall of the Samurai, you can actually do 40 unit vs 40 unit battles, which is 20k men on the field. The game used to glitchy for me with that many men on the field; for some reason the unit pathfinding stops working randomly in large siege battles (e.g. ranged units don't know how to detach from wall cover or change formations). Not sure if it was because my old rig's limitations, or the game... :p
    Definitely. I've done SLI 7800GTs back in the Oblivion days and it was bliss. I have to say I'm going with team green in the future.
    So, out of the blue, the two cards decided to use 500MHz as their 3D clock instead of the full 800MHz, which meant I was barely out-performing a single 6950. Took me a while to notice the low clock speeds, then an entire evening researching how to fix it. Overclocks did nothing as the Overdrive feature would disappear on me when I clicked "accept" on their risk agreement. Uninstalled/reinstalled drivers at least a dozen times. Ended up having to make about 6 presets for various 2D and 3D settings at high and low fan speeds; essentially, to get it to function corectly I have to manually control my cards speed and temperature now. Never doing crossfire again. :p
    Shogun's 1080p DX11 score with 1 card was 47fps, then with two cards it showed 27fps... Once I figured out I needed to download the latest CAP driver, the two 6950s kicked in just fine. WTF doesn't it automatically download this shit when you have Crossfire enabled? Anyhow, it's pulling 97fps in that same test now. Very happy, for now. :)
    Oh gawd. My second 6950 should be coming in today and I have two more 2005FPWs coming in too. PRAY FOR MEH.
    Got the 3570k combo deal at Microcenter for a steal. Decided to crossfire 6950s, because the one I have was a gift to me from my beloved. Picked up a second 6950 from anandtech for like $160. Pray for me that my crossfire setup works.
    I game at 1920x1080, but I do like my bells & whistles. That said, SLI and CFX don't interest me at the moment.

    I'm seeing the 660Ti actually outperforms the HD 7950 in Shogun 2 TW, so if that holds true with Rome 2 TW, that's the single most compelling reason to switch to nvidia.
    Upgrade time! Looking at an i5 3570K vs. FX 8350. Intel seems like the obvious choice, especially for gaming, but I like to support the underdog to keep the competition going. The most CPU intensive task (outside of gaming) I perform is probably archiving/zipping rips and stuff. On the GPU end, I think the 7950 3gb is a no brainer in that price bracket.Thougts?
    HAHAHA, I've been playing with my roommate, yeah. When he built his first PC, he asked me whats the beefiest strategy game out, so I recommended Rome TW after you recommended it to me. He liked it so much he kept wanting to show me the game, so I got it. "The rest is history." :p
    You know, old chum, i saw you have over 12 thousand posts. That, is a butt-load. This, is my two thousandth, right here, on your wall.
    Woo! I haven't run into that wall (yet). I'm only using the 2 hires mods that I made. Even though there are plenty of soupy textures to be "fixed," I think most of these textures are perfectly fine. Modders are getting too crazy making everything double/triple the resolution.
    Duder, do you have any spare video cards lying around that you'd be willing to part with for cash? I'd like to upgrade my girlfriend's 8800GTS to get her on Battlefield 3.
    Dude, I should have "knocked on wood" after talking to you about BF3. Last night I started getting the aero pop up and CTDs. :[
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