LEPA Lucky Draw

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I would want the LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold PSU for a build I want to do with the new X99 motherboard so I have no worries about powering all the pieces properly. I am in NA.
Well I would own the LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold PSU.
I have an Antec CP-850, which is nice, but slighty bigger then my current case

reviews seem good for lepa, but I've never tried so I buy what I know

That 1600w psu would get me by with two gpus :)
And with a triple monitor setup, that would be great!
id own them ALL but cant afford any there products are the best and most richest and top notch on teh planet :D
NA - I would use the LEPA LV12 Black CPU Cooler + 2 x LEPA BOL.QUIET PWM Fans for my new build for my brother because it looks good and works well.

I would like to own the LEPA G1600-MA because my current power supply the Antec 1200-HCP can no longer output a stable 12v when my Intel i7 930 and 2 AMD 6990s are under heavy load.
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I would gladly own either a Lepa G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold Psu or Lepa Bol.quiet Pwm Fans as I plan on rebuilding my main rig soon & will be needing both, new!
The Power Supply is the quintessential foundational component in any desktop setup .. I want my house built upon the rock that is ..

I'd own the LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold PSU so I can move away from my 850W for when I go Tri-SLI. :D

I'm in NA, USA.
North America.

I would undoubtedly enjoy owning either the LEPA G1600-MA power supply or LEPA LV12 CPU cooler; as two of the more important components in an enthusiasts system you should never settle for mediocrity. :cool:
NA, I was thinking about buying the 1600 watt PSU to eliminate power issues in future builds I do, especially regarding graphics cards.
EU, The LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold PSU would be awesome to win because it would be the DEFINITIVE PSU for sli/crossfire setups! A lot of power, stability and reliability for a new power-hungry build!
I would own a LEPA power supply. I've read reviews of their units over at JonnyGuru's website and they're top notch power supplies. I'm located in North America.

-Steve S.

None of them. I consider myself pretty up to date with the latest PC tech but I have never heard of your company, therefore I am not familiar with any of your products.

With that said, I would have bought some case fans based on the low noise level but because they have LED's in them they would be annoying to have in my HTPC. Add a little wire loop to the fan so that anyone that doesnt want the LEDs can just cut the loop and you have a winning product.
The Lepa G1600-MA power supply. NA.

It would power my equipment for now and years to come with it being a high quality power supply.

The Lepa 1600 watt would be my choice. I always do 3 way crossfire/sli for ten years now but never did quad. My highest psu is 1200 watt. I want to go quadfire 780ti/290x and I know this lepa 1600 watt psu will do the trick.
i' would put LEPA G1600-MA power supply and a LEPA LV12 CPU cooler on my computer along with the LEPA BOL.QUIET PWM Fans. i'd give my friend the awesome LEPA S17 Notebook Cooling Pad. :)
The LEPA laptop cooling pad. My gaming laptop gets really hot, and I've always meant to do something about it.

I need a high quality, high wattage power supply for my next upgrade, coming this winter.\]
The LEPA 1600w is perfect. I also need to replace a failing case fan. Again, perfect.

I wouldn't mind trying the LEPA 1600 watt PSU...I am in need of a new one for my system, so that would be just about perfect!!!

The laptop cooling pad because my laptop tends to get very hot and that cooling pad is sexy.
LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold PSU, because then I'd want to build a rig that could put that baby to the test!

North America aka the good ole USA.
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I would like to own the LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold PSU so that I could add a second videocard for SLI. :D

I'd love the LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold PSU for my rig. I have a dedicated circuit for my rig and the gold efficiency rating is perfect.
the 1600w psu is huge and gold rated also! seriously need to upgrade my 1250 OCX!

Location - NA

The LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold PSU for sure. Am moving to a either a tri-290 or 390 (depending on what AMD announces in the next few months) along with a 5960X X99 setup as soon as DDR4 stabilizes. I am in NA.
I'd love to rock the G1600-MA. Might come in handy on my X99 build next year :D

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I am building a new budget PC with an AMD A8 6600k APU I won from a contest and the LEPA LV12 Black CPU Cooler would do a better job cooling it than the stock cooler.
I put the 500w Lepa PSUs in most of my low end builds because the performance beats everyone else at that price range. So I would want the 1600w to see what kind of quality that brings to the table.
North America
Power supply and CPU cooler most certainly and the lap top cooler looks appealing
Heard the name but never considered products by Lepa before. I have built at least 200 custom computers and by specs alone would give a Lepa powersupply and CPU cooler a shot. Hopefully their customer service is a great as this contest.
Location: North America
Answer: I'd love to own at least the G1000. Power efficiency is important to me, as running these gaming PC's 24/7 can really drive up the power bill. Plus, with the high quality components, I'd imagine they'd last years to come. Hopefully, I'll be able to put that last one to the test :)
I would like to own the LEPA G1600-MA 1600W 80plus Gold PSU so that I could add a second videocard for SLI.

I would like to use a LEPA power supply and some LEPA case fans.

Although I have never used any LEPA stuff, the power supplies and fans look nice.

It is sad that they do not have any 180mm fans available though.
i would Select the Powe suply so i could finally move mine to my wife PC that currently is HP slimline chassis psu mounted with one screw on a standard atx midicase.
I can upgrade and she can get a none less patched up butched computer.

Secondary i could use the cpu cooleer to keep my wifes gamming computer lownoise (the horror af hp chosse mini fan/coler)

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