Hunt: Showdown (Crytek)

Updates from live stream this morning.


Humming Theme coming to the menu where it was dead sound.

After playing with someone that was cool. You can add them on steam friends.

25% chance to replenish a consumable that you have previously used. Vitality, dyno bundles, etc.

Improvements to game load times.

New Content not previously discussed:

New Hunter poses and animations in menu. Not all the same any more. Every weapon type has different pose and tier changes.

Derringer changes to shoot one shot at a time (no more rapid fire). Slightly stronger than silenced pistol.

Winfield Changes: Boosted on last patch, 1.5. Now damage is the same. Winny C, the lightweight version has more recoil now. Winny 15 round full, has a bit more front heavy firing, will be harder to get back on target after fire. Changes to both should make it harder to kill with the Winny out beyond 40 to 50 meters. Should make the Vet a better rifle at distance.

Multiple death screens. Tell you PvE or PvP. Tells you the person who killed you by name, what weapon they used, at what distance, and what kind of shot it was. Headshot etc.

Flare gun info: Burns for 30 seconds. (Fuses burn for 10 min.)

Hive Bomb: Antidote shots counter Hive Bomb. If you react to it quickly, you should be able to outrun the swarm.

Bear Traps: Not a lethal trap. Used to reveal position. Bleeding damage. It actually does not trap the target though. Devs are looking to make it actually trap you in the future. Knocks legs off armoreds, kills grunts. You can jump over the traps.

Tomahawk Trait: Ability to throw weapons found on map. Will require some skill to use. Early 30 level trait.

Beastface Trait: Aggro range down on dogs, crows, chickens, etc. Does NOT impact Hell Hounds.

Dark Sight BOOST: Already talked about above. 20 second usage total. Can be used in segments, a little at a time. Shows other players through walls even. A little unclear on this as to what was said in the stream, everyone who picks up the bounty gets the 20 seconds currently? Or it burns off if you pick up a dropped bounty? Countdown timer is shown on screen. Not exact location shown, but proximity. You do get a new 20 seconds on the second bounty if picked up.

"Water Devil" less than four weeks away.

New map changes shown for anti-camping.

Roadmap has been updated with timelines.

Solo and Nightmare modes are on track and being looked at.

Prestige Rewards being looked at. Custom logos etc. But really just there for bragging rights. No in-game rewards planned that changes actual play.

You can pick up enemies arrows/bolts if you have the weapon.

Fog will be a part of the game at certain times of day. Morning and evening.

Dual wielding pistols will come, but will be long time in the future due to tech issues.

Many features rolling out on test server now.
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I bought this game last week. I can't get enough of it. I actually called in sick to work on Monday to stay home and play. I remember having really intense experiences with the original DayZ mod, but they seemed so few and far between. This game is non-stop intensity.

I love it, but I am freaking terrible at this game. I'm getting murdered non-stop. I love playing stealthily, but I seem to keep getting saddled up with the kings of noise! Last night though, on my final match I was able to take out two tier 3 hunters who were setup an ambush for my partner and I outside the butcher's location after we picked up the bounty. In truth, I got really lucky. The first one was a great kill for me, but the 2nd one had me dead to rights but was sow to pull the trigger giving me time to setup my shot and take him out.

This is the kind of game that can drive a person to spend money. Feel like my monitor and audio is in need of an upgrade.
I bought this game last week. I can't get enough of it. I actually called in sick to work on Monday to stay home and play. I remember having really intense experiences with the original DayZ mod, but they seemed so few and far between. This game is non-stop intensity.

I love it, but I am freaking terrible at this game. I'm getting murdered non-stop. I love playing stealthily, but I seem to keep getting saddled up with the kings of noise! Last night though, on my final match I was able to take out two tier 3 hunters who were setup an ambush for my partner and I outside the butcher's location after we picked up the bounty. In truth, I got really lucky. The first one was a great kill for me, but the 2nd one had me dead to rights but was sow to pull the trigger giving me time to setup my shot and take him out.

This is the kind of game that can drive a person to spend money. Feel like my monitor and audio is in need of an upgrade.
Hehe, it has a touch learning curve at first, but you will get it if you keep at it, and assuredly the story you just told points that out. Congrats!

The freakin' constant paranoia and uneasiness that comes with playing is crazy.
Just recently "Prestiged" going 96+% solo .. committed to learning how to play well with others but man, randoms are a fickle lot .. 1 dude thought I was acting weird and told me he was afraid I was going to shoot him in the back and then he promptly extracted on me .. another dude was cordial and all, we got the bounty and then high tailed it to an extract .. I wasn't quit keeping up and got nailed, that guy left me and extracted .. understandable I suppose..

Another dude was a worse player than I and I ended up resurrecting him twice in a gun fight we got into .. he went down a third time and I followed shortly thereafter .. Last match I played, the dude was pretty good and covered my butt on a few occasions .. we got to the Butcher where a team was camping their kill.. they didn't banish yet.. the other team started telling us how we should just leave and that they could headshot us at anytime .. they got my team mate and set him on fire right away .. I camped a bit waiting for them to rush me, but they start talking to me telling me to just run away and they won't kill me .. so, in honor of my slain comrade, I rush in and at least get the banish on the Butcher and then run off , taking a couple shots from these dudes only to be done in by an aggro'd hive and armor'd combo .. so no banish or hunter kill for those camper dudes, lol.
This game is a refreshing change from all the battle royal games on the market. Only problem I have is that the dark areas are really dark and I feel like I have a hard time seeing anything. The bloom is also very high.
This game is a refreshing change from all the battle royal games on the market. Only problem I have is that the dark areas are really dark and I feel like I have a hard time seeing anything. The bloom is also very high.

Yeah its way too dark at night.
This game is a refreshing change from all the battle royal games on the market. Only problem I have is that the dark areas are really dark and I feel like I have a hard time seeing anything. The bloom is also very high.
Gamma is your friend. :)
I was looking for some way to do a sort of "dynamic gamma" adjustment in the Nivida control panel, but couldn't find any sort of option. I would like to increase the darks in the boss areas, but not increase the brights during the outside bright areas. In a sense, have gamma boosted only if the area is certain amount dark.
Just open the control panel and move the gamma slider to where you want it. Do not even have to save it, so you can cancel out after your game and go back to where it was.

That was fun I soloed my first game killing the Butcher who I think was caught in a green trap so I kept shooting at him.
I set on the ground walking in the water is really dangerous now lol I was killed by every monster at least once then had a good character finally with some health.

Here are the details for update 3.0!

Version: v0.474
SteambuildID: 3307865
Client patch size: ~7GB

Hunt: Showdown’s new map—Lawson Delta—has gone into Beta!
You'll be able to choose the map in the mission selection.

Watch the Lawson Delta map reveal here.


YouTube™ Video: Hunt: Showdown | Lawson Delta (Map Reveal)
Views: 16,214
Try out the new map, called Lawson Delta and set in post-Civil War Louisiana, exclusively at TwitchCon, happening from October 26-28 in San Jose, California Visit our website for more information and...

...Or get a more in-depth look at the Lawson Delta in our latest Developer Diary.


YouTube™ Video: Hunt: Showdown | Developer Diary | Making of Lawson Delta
Views: 623
Take a closer look into how our latest map Lawson Delta was made in our Developer Diary with our Lead Environment Artist Marcel Schaika, Level Design Director Christ Auty, Character Art Director...


  • Skill-based matchmaking – With this update, we are introducing a new, skill-based matchmaking system. The new system is inspired by the Elo system used in chess, and heavily weights player vs player skill in populating matches to create a fairer experience.
  • Movement inertia - We are introducing a new movement system that adds acceleration and deceleration to the core movements of Hunters. This system will stop players from abusing the ADAD buttons to dodge bullets/melee attacks.
  • Anti Teaming - To prevent pre-lobby teaming, we have made various changes to the way that we group players into sessions.
  • Weapon looting from dead Hunters - When getting downed or killed, Hunters now drop their weapon(s) on the ground. Other players can either pick up the dropped weapon(s) or exchange them for their currently equipped ones. Any looted weapons extracted from the mission are marked as contrabands and cannot be sold for money in the store.
  • NVIDIA Highlights - Hunt now supports NVIDIA Highlights, which will automatically capture a short video of your kills and deaths. Now you can show off awesome videos to your friends!


  • AI should no longer spawn on top of geometry where they could not get down (for example: wagons and large boxes).
  • Hellhound
    • Updated the locomotion behavior and animations of Hellhounds. Their movement is now more realistic
    • Hellhounds’ overall damage has been reduced. Bite attacks now cause bleeding damage
    • Hellhounds can now dodge melee attacks by jumping back and forth
    • It is now possible to cancel Hellhounds' melee attacks by hitting them first
    • Re-balanced the damage Hellhounds take as follows:
      • They now die to 1 headshot with long bullets at any range (With the exception of the Uppercut which is close to matching the Vetterli)
      • 1 headshot with medium bullets until long range
      • 1 headshot with compact bullets over short range (Increasing fall off over range)
      • Body shots now deal more damage
  • Melee vulnerability balance pass
    • Some AI are weaker to specific melee types and resistant to others
    • Melee damage has become slightly more powerful against AI overall
  • Armoreds
    • Weak to Stab damage
    • Resistant to Slash damage
    • Blunt damage stays normal
    • The knife and machete have similar effectiveness
  • Grunts and Hives
    • Have neither weaknesses nor resistances
    • Can be killed with 1 heavy attack to the head by dedicated melee weapons
  • Hellhounds
    • Weak to melee damage in general
  • Meatheads
    • Weak to Slash damage
    • Resistant to Blunt damage
    • Slightly resistant to Stab damage
  • Water Devil
    • Resistant to melee damage in general
  • Butcher
    • Weak to Slash damage
    • Resistant to Blunt damage
    • Slightly resistant to Stab damage
  • Spider
    • Weak to Blunt and Slash damage types
    • Stab damage stays normal
  • More details can be found under the Gunplay section

  • Improved Audio Mix (Zoo cleanup)
    Developer Note: The goal was to clean up the soundscape in the compounds to make it easier to identify the different sound sources, like the AI cast or an animal trap. While doing this we improved the attenuation to make sounds behave more consistently and realistically over distance.
  • Added missing audio stingers to UI banners.
  • Added ambient audio to the main menu.
  • Decreased the volume of the audio played after bounty pick-ups.
  • Added "Devil In The Churchyard" Instrumental Version (plays during matchmaking & mission loading).
  • Added "Devil In The Churchyard" Ambient Version to play after Humming Theme in the Main Menu.
  • Increased the audibility of fuse sounds (All Dynamite variants, Frag grenade, and Sticky bomb).
  • Gramophone in the level can play a short version of the "Devil in the Churchyard" track.
  • Fuse sound on explosives do less occlude within close proximity now.
  • Reduced audible range of weapon selection and aiming.
  • Increased the width of the Aperture sight to allow Hunters to see and track targets more easily
  • Waterproof Dynamite now has separate aim helpers for ground and water danger ranges
  • Improved fuse audio for explosives: Lighting up the fuse and the sizzle are better audible now
  • Melee weapons balance pass
    • Blunt, Slash, and Stab type of melee attacks now have more separation from each other
    • World melee items like the Wood Axe and Sledge Hammer have been left untouched and will continue to be the most powerful melee weapons
    • Dusters can now kill Grunts with a single heavy attack to the head
    • The Knife still kills Grunts with a single heavy stab attack to the head and chest, but regular attacks require two hits
    • Throwing Knives now do slightly less damage than the Knife. Throwing damage has not changed.
    • Machete can now kill Grunts with a regular hit to the head. It requires three heavy slash attacks to kill an Armored for a total of four heavy attacks per full stamina bar
    • Cavalry Saber now requires two regular hits to kill a Grunt, but can also kill an Armored with just two heavy stab attacks for a total of four heavy attacks per full stamina bar
    • Bayonets now match the Cavalry Saber’s heavy attack damage, but consume more stamina for the attack for up to three heavy attacks per full stamina bar
    • Talon variants now match the Machete heavy attack damage, but consume more stamina for the attack for up to three heavy attacks per full stamina bar
    • The Romero Hatchet now matches the Machete but consumes more stamina for the attack, similar to attacking with rifle buttstocks.
    • Rifle buttstock attack damage is the same against Grunts, but has been reduced slightly against other Hunters, now requiring two hits to the head to kill
    • Rifle buttstock attacks also consume slightly less stamina
    • Pistols with attached buttstock do the same damage as rifle buttstock attacks
    • Pistol whip attack damage has been slightly reduced overall, making it less effective in melee and best used as a deterrent for AI before switching to a dedicated melee weapon
    • Sawn-off weapon attacks deal the same amount of damage as pistol whip attacks
    • The Romero Hatchet is identical to the Machete for both regular and heavy melee attacks, but consumes more stamina
    • Adjusted range of melee attacks based on the weapon's length (longer weapons have further reach than short weapons)
    • Improved hit detection of Wood Axe and Combat Axe melee attacks
    • Improved hit detection of Sledgehammer melee attacks
Developer Note: Melee combat has received a major update to improve internal consistency and better highlight each weapon's strengths and weaknesses against the AI and other players. There have been a lot of changes across the entire arsenal and list of enemies. Please tell us what you think about them!

  • Added inertia-based movement to counter ADAD button spamming
    • Hunters will no longer be able to perform super erratic moves to avoid getting hit by bullets
    • This system adds acceleration and deceleration to core movement for a more realistic feeling
  • Added new jumping system
    • Removed melee stamina consumption from jumping
    • Jumping still tires the player - similarly to sprinting - and blocks regeneration of melee stamina
    • The Hunter's movement speed is slightly reduced when chaining together too many jumps in a short amount of time
  • Added a new weapon state when jumping for a better first-person experience of the weapon moving on screen
  • Players can now vault over objects with higher landing points than the Hunter's current position.
Developer Note: With this update, we are introducing a number of core changes to player movement to counter some of the more dominant strategies players have come up with to dodge bullets or make it easier to charge in for a melee attack. Some of the changes might feel a bit sluggish at first and will require players to get used to them over a couple of games. We have tried to strike a good balance between the necessity of adding inertia to player movement, while at the same time keeping the feeling and walking speeds the same. Players can still perform the same trick jumps, quickly peak out of cover, or dash around the world as they are used to. Tell us what you think and if you feel these changes work or what you would like to see changed!

  • The Nagant Brawler Pistol (Single Action) has been exchanged with the Nagant Officer Brawler variant (Double Action).
    • The price has been lowered from $35 to $30.
  • Icon consistency pass on all normal syringe shots to match the vitality shot.
  • A free sample of the newly unlocked item(s) after ranking up is now given to you and can be found in your arsenal
  • Free Tier 1 Hunters have been added. The cheapest Tier 1 Hunter now always comes as a free recruit, but his equipment is marked as contraband and cannot be sold at the store.
  • Recruited Hunters are now rotatable and zoomable in the menu.
  • Unwanted Hunters can now be dismissed from the list of recruited Hunters in order to free up a slot. Their equipment is stored in the Arsenal for further usage, but players will not receive any bonus XP like they do when they retire a Hunter above Level 25.
  • The solo event has been temporarily removed from the mission list. The solo mode will soon be replaced with Quick Play, which is an improved version of the solo event mode, to make sure our solo players can get back into the game asap.
  • Optimized a handful of expensive game features.
  • Made improvements to occlusion culling handling when multi-threading (should improve main thread slightly on low end hardware).
  • Cleaned up handling of fullscreen/windowed modes.
  • Some minor CPU improvements to post-processing.
  • Improved efficiency of scene rendering order which may benefit GPU.
  • Improved blending of LOD’s.
  • Improved the way we handle flushing GPU commands that can improve performance in CPU limited scenarios.
  • Adjustments made to the Mission Selection flow for the upcoming Quick Play game mode.
Developer Note: In preparation for the upcoming Quick Play mode the mission selection screen has been changed and updated. The flow to enter a game may be slower and may require more steps than intended until the release of the new game mode.

  • New Feature: “Crows on a line”
    • You can now find crows sitting on fences, walls, and some ledges.
    • Reduced the overall amount of crows, ducks, and adjusted possible spawn points
  • New Feature: Cash register
    • Players can now find these randomly hidden away in compounds
    • Players can interact with them and loot them for money (same amount and chances as for looting dead Hunters).
  • Chapel of Madonna Noire now has a second entrance from the graveyard side, increasing the total number of access routes to the Boss lair to three
  • We did a consistency roof accessibility pass (some roofs which could be exploited got properly blocked - as it was always designed - and some roof got opened up for player access)
  • The hunting tower got more cover all around - in the future a new variation is possible as requested by the community
  • Some fences were not working properly when vaulting, they are now fixed all around the map.
  • Decluttering pass in Port Reeker to make it more readable for players
  • Water depth consistency pass across the entire map
    • The further you move into large bodies of water (the deeper the water gets) the slower your Hunter can move
  • Lots of floating objects fixed all around the map
  • Some updates on the art (like new roads textures, the industrial set got a small update, etc)


  • Fixed a bug that could lead to multiple hunter kills being registered in a short amount of time while a player was affected by multiple damage sources at the same time.
  • Fixed some issues that could cause the client performance to stutter occasionally.
  • Fixed a problem where players could hear voice chat from other game sessions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused oil pools not being visible on the ground.
  • Fixed some navigational issues for bosses in Alain & Sons Fish.
  • Fixed a bug that made night missions appear too dark sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue related to stamina consumption when chaining heavy melee attacks with some weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where waterdevils reacted to players from too far away already.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from jumping/vaulting while they were inside a waterdevil.
  • Fixed a problem with steam invite problem that happened when two players invited each other at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where cloth on hunters and AI was switching between simulated and static cloth too often.
  • Fixed a rendering issue that made edges around objects appear to be blurry.
  • Fixed an issue were the butchers downed state got interrupted unintentionally.
  • Fixed an issue that caused grunts to move towards the maps origin sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused grunts to spawn without finding a waypoint and therefore didn't move properly.
  • Fixed an issue where inactive / fake grunts didn't have proper collision for throwable items.
  • Fixed an issue that lead to objects not being rendered sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused top-up stations to heal too much if the player's current chunk was not fully regenerated
  • Fixed an issue that let stamina regenerate while holding a heavy melee attack
  • Fixed an issue that caused consumable collisions to occasionally not register (known as the “silent dynamite impact”).
  • Fixed an issue where the sticky bomb fuse's audio would end seconds before the detonation audio starts


  • Fixed some smaller UI issues.
  • Fixed some icon inconsistencies in the shop.
  • Fixed a number of loca issues.
  • Fixed some animation issues.


  • In rare cases, players can get an error upon launching the client which states "Default system texture "%ENGINE%/EngineAssets/Textures/" failed to load". Possible workarounds for this issue include updating your Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable packages (Update 3)[], or ensuring that the latest graphics drivers are installed. If this issue persists after trying these fixes, please contact support[].
  • Lighting sometimes doesn't initialize properly causing the game to be very dark.
  • There is a chance that some consumables will be lost after extracting from a mission, if the hunter had multiple consumables of the same type stacked.
  • Clients can sometimes get kicked back into the menu screen while they are loading into a mission.
  • Hunters killed by bear traps do not count as kills.
  • The ammo received on pickup is inconsistent, depending if the weapon still has ammo left or not.
  • Performance will drop when looking through windows if "2 pass scene rendering" and "2 pass lighting" are not enabled in the options.
  • There is a rare chance that the player doesn't get a result screen after playing a mission.
  • Flare gun projectiles are not rendered properly when hitting a surface.
  • Some water reflections are not rendered correctly.
  • Rare case of sounds not properly occluding.
  • Rare case of sound not triggering on gunshots and explosions.
  • Vegetation may flicker in specific location (stronger with HIGH shadow quality)
  • Light sources like lanterns and the sun may be seen through geometry (walls, terrain...)

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hmm .. graphically it looks better, but now I get stuttering when I whip around to look at stuff quickly
I like the way this game is progressing in Early Access...has the potential to be a really good game when it goes final
played the beta map .. very nice .. it played smooth then went back to regular map and my stuttering was gone .. go figure :confused:
Does Gsync seem to be broken for anyone else after the last patch (or maybe driver updates/Windows patches) on Hunt Showdown?

I play on an Alienware AW3418DW at 3440x1440 with a EVGA SC Black 1080ti with all setttings maxed and I noted yesterday in a couple hours of gaming that my 60 FPS range average didn’t feel nearly as smooth as normal. My FPS counter didn’t show any unusual dips, but it didn’t feel buttery smooth like normal.
Hunt: Showdown Update 6.0 is now live.

Version: v0.627
SteambuildID: 3782222
Client patch size: ~1.6 GB


New Boss: The Assassin
  • Added new boss target: The Assassin
  • Agile attacks from unseen angles
  • Uses walls to navigate to shortcuts and fire ranged attacks from
  • Temporarily clones itself to try and open up an opportunity to attack

Developer Note:
The Assassin is the product born from a lot of investigation into what bosses mean to Hunt in its current state, since the previous two boss targets were created, the game has shifted a lot to build a better core experience. With this in mind, we wanted to approach the issues that came out of the other bosses and see where we can build a benchmark that offers a few things; a challenge to new and old players, a balance between boss PvE engagement and the ever looming PvP, and something unique to set each boss apart.
There were a lot of prototypes and concepts that we tried – for example the early stages didn’t have clones and relied on trying to lead the player into dead ends, but a lot of complexity was hidden so a lot of weird and wonderful ideas that worked on paper actually turned out to be unreadable and annoying to play. The Assassin will use its behaviors in specific ways to punish the unprepared and reward those who keep calm and pay attention to what is about to happen, and this is how the logic and behaviors settled for the final thing you can play today.

Book of Monsters
  • The Book of Monsters is the first in a series of new books for the Library that allows players to reveal more about Hunt's universe and backstory.
  • The book includes a unique unlock system that makes new pages available to players after completing the required gameplay challenges.
    • Main entries unlock when the player kills a type of enemy for the first time
    • Additional pages unlock by completing mastery challenges
    • Challenges, become harder to complete with every mastery level

New Equipment
LeMat Mark II Revolver
  • Re-imagining a classic: The LeMat Mark II is based on a vintage Civil War era caplock design, but modernized to load cartridges
  • Single-action revolver with a second barrel that holds a single shotgun shell. This weapon uses a small inventory slot
  • Combines the advantages of a mid-range handgun with the firepower of a shotgun at a point-blank range
  • Can toggle fire-modes between primary and secondary ammo types
  • Fires 9 rounds of compact ammo with additional 18 bullets
  • The shotgun comes with 3 additional shells
  • The weapon benefits from the Fanning trait, but fans at a lower speed due to its bulky size.
Lebel 1886 Bolt-action Rifle
  • French bolt-action rifle design that set new standards to many upcoming rifles such as the Mosin Nagant, which would take inspiration from the Lebel in the following years
  • Slightly dated and somewhat clunky to operate. What the weapon lacks with its lower rate of fire and less control, it makes up in ammunition capacity over its competitors
  • Holds 9 long ammo rounds in a tubular magazine with one additional round in the chamber, but only comes with 5 extra bullets
  • Unlike the Mosin Nagant, the Lebel rifle cannot be loaded using stripper clips and can only take one round at a time
  • The weapon benefits from the Bulletgrubber and Iron Sharpshooter traits
Bomb Lance
  • Custom large slot melee weapon that is based on whaling lances of the time, combining a long-reaching sharp blade with a built-in harpoon launching device
  • Fires an explosive harpoon that can penetrates deep into the flesh before it detonates, tearing the target apart from the inside
  • A successful hit with a Bomb Lance harpoon projectile can bring down the toughest of enemies without hurting the bearer as the victim's own flesh absorbs most of the explosion even at a short distance
  • Comes with 5 additional harpoons
Alert Trip Mine
  • Portable trip mine that comes in a pack of 3 and takes a tool slot in the inventory
  • Can be placed in the world and when activated produces noise and light to warn of possible intruders and to disorient them
  • A placed Alert Trip Mine can be picked up and re-deployed again by any Hunters (similarly to the Bear traps found in the world)
Concertina Trip Mine
  • Portable trip mine that takes a tool slot in the inventory
  • Can be placed in the world and when activated creates a mini razor-wire mesh that can block windows, doors and narrow corridors and causes Rending damage
  • A placed Concertina Trip Mine can be picked up and re-deployed again by any Hunters(similarly to the Bear traps found in the world
Ammo Box
  • Portable box that holds small quantities of both regular and special ammunition
  • Can be placed in the world and allows a Hunter and their partner (or an enemy!) to resupply ammunition from it once, similar to the ammo boxes found in the world
  • Takes a consumable slot in the inventory
  • The Special ammo types include Nitro bullets as well as all types of Crossbow bolts

New Traits
  • With the Ghoul trait, players instantly heal 50 hitpoints when looting a dead Hunter
  • The Vulture trait allows players to always loot dead Hunters they come across, even if they had already been looted by other players
  • Adrenaline enables players to instantly start recharging stamina when their health is critically low.


General AI
  • Navigation improvements to prevent AI getting stuck while swarming around and/or traversing stairs; this included a re-balancing for smoother movement speeds while turning corners
  • All AI types react to direct Bomb Lance harpoon hits
  • AI spawn distance improvements
  • Made AI more perceptive to Hunter movements
  • Hellhounds no longer spawn as clue defenders
  • Reworked the boss fight behavior of the Butcher
    • Re-balanced target selection when fighting multiple players to reduce oscillations.
    • Butcher now takes more damage from shotguns and slightly more damage to the torso from compact ammo
    • The Butcher now moves at a slightly slower speed
    • Adjusted the frequency and accuracy of his ranged fire attack
    • The Butcher no longer drops on the knee after taking a large amount of damage, it now enters a ‘Frenzy mode’ instead
  • Frenzy Mode
    • During Frenzy Mode, the Butcher receives a slight speed boost and charges forward chasing his target (matching the Hunter's sprint speed)
    • While charging forward, the Butcher performs continuous melee attacks, setting parts of the environment on fire
    • After some time, the Butcher drops out of Frenzy Mode and resumes his normal behaviour

Developer Note:
We finally found the time to look into the existing bosses. Last update we focused on the Spider's locomotion and with 6.0 we now had a chance to look at the Butcher's core behavior. We wanted to make sure the Butcher feels more like a threat, but also making him easier to read and manage during the fight. For this, we wanted him to constantly switch from being the hunter to being the hunted, instead of giving players the chance to dominate the boss by forcing him on his knees as quickly as possible to deal extra damage. In order to help us make this work, we designed a new Frenzy Mode for the Butcher, replacing parts of his current behavior. This new Frenzy Mode allows the Butcher to remain mobile when taking damage, requiring players to keep moving more. We also tried to reduce frustration from his ranged fire attacks by making them less precise over distance and less frequent.
With these changes, the Butcher can now be more effectively fought inside his arena without players constantly running outside, but also require them to move around a lot more inside the arena to avoid him during Frenzy Mode. If those changes work out well, we also plan to look into the Spider's behavior in a future update. Please tell us what you think!

  • Added a close proximity sound when near a red clue/rift that can be heard through walls to allow the detection of nearby players
  • Added an audio ‘whoosh’ to throwing items when in the air
  • Updated the Generator interaction audio timing to match its visuals
  • Improved fuse audio to increase readability in combat situations
    Developer Note:There is now a very obvious tonal ghostly whoosh sound when throwing a fused item (also Firebomb & Hellfire Bomb) which should help you understand when the item is released.

    We want to make the fuse audio to be as audible as possible, however we may tweak and improve it more in the future.

  • Increased audibility range of dynamite impact
  • Adjusted the Flash Bomb's audio timing to match its visuals

  • Added new Toggle Fire-mode button (Default X) to allow changing between different states on some equipment (LeMat Mark II and Lanterns only for now!)
  • Lanterns can now be toggled on/off while carried around (dropping them will still always turn them off and picking them up will always turn them on!)
  • Small special ammo packs now allow resupplying other special ammo types as well
  • Slightly increased throw distance difference between regular throws and throws using the Pitcher trait (they are still close however!)
  • Chaos Bomb is back to its eight second fuse timer before being triggered, to give players a chance to clear the area and time their next move
  • Romero 77 has been removed from the random starting gear (only Romero 77 Handcannon and Caldwell 78 Rival Handcannon remains)
Shotgun tweaks
  • Hunters take slightly less damage from shotgun shots to limbs
  • Shotguns lose damage slightly faster over distance
  • Shotguns keep a slightly higher min-damage over a longer distance (max distance remains the same!)
Flash Bomb rework
  • Full flash radius has been increased from 3 to 8
  • Full flash time has been increased
  • Players now only get a hit indicator for successful full flashes (partially flashing for a brief moment no longer registers as a hit to avoid confusion)
  • Flash Bombs will produce a very minor flash up to 30 meters when looking at it (this is not strong enough to trigger a full whiteout effect)
Concertina rework
  • Concertina wire now slows down entangled players, making it harder to run through them
  • Increased initial area damage of the Concertina Bomb when it first deploys
  • Slightly increased volume and size of the affected area when deploying a Concertina Bomb
  • Concertina Bombs have a slight delay before they explode after touching down
  • Concertina Bomb now properly attributes kills and displays "killed by" information on death screen

Developer Note
We have reworked the way concertina wire is spawned into the world to make it more useful as a physical blocker, covering a larger area and making it harder to simply run through it. These changes also gave us more flexibility to introduce other concertina-based items, like the new Concertina Trip Mine tool that affects a much smaller area than the Concertina Bomb.

  • Talon, Mace and Brawler weapon variants now have slightly less control and/or more recoil than their respective base weapons (use the weapon stats in the menu to compare them!)
  • Normalized and increased melee range across all weapons
    • All heavy ranges except Bomb Lance, Cavalry Saber, and Bayonet variants are now matched
    • All light ranges except Bomb Lance are now matched

Developer Note
To prevent the annoying and unreadable nature of the changes previously introduced, the focus has shifted from melee range to melee hit detection types. Instead of worrying how close you are to an enemy, you should worry about how to aim your weapon so that it can hit something that looks close enough (sledgehammer is a slim top-to-bottom swing, machete is a wide left-to-right swing etc.).

  • Players react to direct Bomb Lance harpoon hits (triggering a delayed detonation that downs/kills the player instantly without causing damage in their proximity)
  • Doubled the amount of ammo received from looting players
  • Added additional Hunter outfit variations to the recruits
    • 2 new Tier 1 outfits
    • 4 new Tier 2 outfits
    • 2 new Tier 3 outfits
  • Adjusted several player interactions
    • Using Health stations in the world now is a hold interaction that lasts 2 seconds
    • Looting players now is a hold interaction that lasts 4 seconds (same as revive!)
    • Picking up world items (Sledgehammer, Lantern, etc) now is a hold interaction that lasts 0.3 seconds (same as looting other weapons)
    • All hold interactions allow the player to rotate around freely while in progress with the exception of clues and rifts.
  • Burning or burned-out Hunters cannot be looted

Developer Note
This change is an attempt to introduce more choice into existing player actions. Now players will have to consider whether it makes sense to burn a downed player. If they burn them, they lose the chance to loot the body. If they don't, that player's partner might have a chance to go for a revive. Burning should no longer be the given default choice. This also goes together nicely with the above mentioned changes to player looting, which now takes just as long as a revive. Looting is just as risky as reviving, preventing players from looting a downed hunter quickly and then setting the body on fire anyways.

Poison Damage Rework
  • Hunters cannot heal while poisoned
  • Poison duration reduced from 20 to 10 seconds
  • Mithrandatist trait poison duration reduced from 10 to 5 seconds
  • Antidote shot now lasts the duration of a full match (around 60 minutes)
    • Spider deals 100% damage, but without poison effect after using an Antidote shot
    • Swarms do a fraction of their original damage and have no poison effect after using an Antidote shot
    • Poison clouds don't affect players at all after using an Antidote shot

Developer Note:
Poison preventing to top-up health was something we had in mind for a long time, but couldn't really move forward with it due to some technical issues. Now that these issues are resolved, we were finally able to introduce the poison feature like it was always planned to work. The idea is that being poisoned is a shorter, but much more dangerous state, where players will have to be very careful as they do not regenerate any health and cannot use First Aid Kits, Vitality Shots or health stations in the world while affected by poison. On the flipside, the Antidote Shot becomes a valuable counter to poison damage in general.

  • Reduced throwing distance for Decoys and Blankfire Decoys to match throwing distance of regular explosives
  • Reduced throwing range bonus from Pitcher trait

Developer Note:
The Pitcher trait has always been a controversial addition, with many players seeing this as a must-have and giving a massive advantage to throw grenades. While it still gives an advantage, the range bonus when using Pitcher has been reduced significantly now, giving a bonus of 25-30% more range depending on what you throw.

  • Loading screen added for the Assassin
  • Custom Accolades for the Assassin have been added
  • New Challenges added for the Assassin
  • Loading screen added to explain anti-camping clue mechanic
  • Loading screen added for new fire-mode toggle button (for Lantern and LeMat only for now!)
  • Ghoul trait added for 4 Upgrade Points (Unlocks at Rank 7)
  • Vulture trait added for 2 Upgrade Points (Unlocks at Rank 72)
  • Adrenaline trait added for 4 Upgrade Points (Unlocks at Rank 83)
  • Pitcher trait cost reduced from 7 to 5 Upgrade Points

  • Added Meta tutorial hints: Now a pop up will appear on newly visited screens of our menu with an explanation.
  • Addeed In-game tutorial hints: New, non intrusive hints will appear on the top corner of the screen to help new players in understanding the game flow and game mechanics.
    Added Option to disable onboarding hints in the options menu
  • Added Option to disable hints in options menu
  • Disabled new players being able to search for a random partner until they reach Rank 3
  • Disabled new players being able to play Quick Play until they reach Rank 3

New Equipment
  • Lebel Rifle – Rank 52 - $387
  • Lemat Revolver – Rank 80 - $133
  • Bomb Lance – Rank 86 - $333
  • Ammo Box – Rank 55 - $125
  • Alert Trip Mine – Rank 30 - $45
  • Concertina Trip Mine – Rank 82 - $90
Price Changes
  • Hellfire Bomb increased from $25 to $50
  • Concertina Bomb increased from $15 to $48

  • Simplified collision meshes to improve server performance
  • Improved view distances for world objects for better performance
  • Improved shadow casting of world objects for better performance
  • Concertina wire deployment checks are much cheaper and slightly faster now
  • Ongoing server side performance improvements
  • Fixed some minor memory resource leak

  • Split the default mouse sensitivity into two parts: movement and Shoulder Aiming
  • Improved loading screen texts to increase readability

  • Created new boss space level dressing
  • Improved collision meshes of world assets
  • Some color corrections on world objects
  • Improved level dressing and theme in some areas of both maps
  • Improved lighting of some interior spaces for better readability
  • Updated some of the signs
  • Fixed some bullet penetration issues
  • Fixed some floating assets in the level
  • Fixed wrong footstep sounds on object surfaces
  • Level dressing tweaks for Quickplay game mode
  • General improvements and polish on some world objects.
  • Animal Traps can now be better de-escalated again when the player walks away from them
  • Fixed issues of player colliding with invisible Butcher dressing objects
  • Ammo markup pass in and around some compounds to improve their ammo propagation
Elevator mechanic/interaction has been streamlined

Developer Note:
In order to make the elevator more useful, it can now be used from within the cage. The elevator will then simply move to its destination. From there you can repeat the action to return to its start position. The cranks are used to call the elevator to your position. If you plan your exit strategy for leaving a boss pit e.g. you might want to position the elevator the way you can use it later on.

Resupply station changes on both maps to improve its randomization
  • NEW spots on Stillwater Bayou (4): Northeast & Northwest of Port Reeker, Northwest of Pitching Crematorium, North of Catfish Grove
  • NEW spots on Lawson Delta (7): North & South of Fort Carmick, Southwest of Wolfshead Arsenal, Northwest of Iron Works, Northwest & Northeast of Maw Battery, Northwest of Golden Acres, Between Nicholls Prison & Windy Run
Generator feature and markup changes
  • Only one generator per area is available now at the same time which means randomized position in some compounds
  • NEW placements in Stillwater Bayou: Blanchett Graves, Healing Waters, Chapel of Madonna
  • NEW placements in Lawson Delta: Arden Parish, Iron Works
Stillwater Bayou
  • Alain & Son's Fish - Layout changes to improve approaches / satellite
  • Alice Farm - Added additional ways of getting in and out of the Butcher barn
  • Lockbay Docks - Anti-Camping pass: Deadend issue of the Boathouse / Attached side building has been tweaked
  • Catfish Grove - Additional timber logs to flank
  • Scupper Lake - Reduced density of high grass in the eastern area
  • Port Reeker - Tweaked entrances of 'Fish factory' boss building by replacing the sliding gates with crank operated gates
  • Port Reeker - Easter egg/Hidden room is inaccessible now to block it from being a camping spot
  • Blanchett Graves - Eastern entrance of the basement has been reworked to provide more options / both clue have been re-positioned / new stairs to get up onto the church level
  • Blanchett Graves - Layout changes to make the basement easier to read and navigate for the player / basement floor has been lowered by 0.5m to improve gameplay space for bosses
  • Blanchett Graves - Northern wall of the church has been raised
  • Healing-Waters Church - Added an interactive bell to the church tower
  • Healing-Waters Church - Fixed invisible ravens around the northern part of the church
  • Blanchett Graves - Removed Butcher from being spawned inside of the tree pit
Lawson Delta
  • Fort Carmick - Added trenches to the surroundings of Fort, to provide better traversal options and more cover
  • Lawson Station - New elevator at the tower to have shortcut bypassing stairs
  • Bradley & Craven Brickworks - Anti camping: Additional way of getting into the boss pit
  • C&A Lumber - Little pond south of the compounds has been tweaked in terms of cover and readability
  • Windy Run - Anti camping: Sight blocker and terrain change have been added to the open fields

  • Improved region shrink in Quickplay to decrease the chance of having the wellspring in one of the center compounds

(Note: We have only listed the most important fixes and known issues due to space limitations. Please let us know if you face any bugs or issues, using our customer support site or social media and Discord channels)
  • Death by world fire now counts as suicide
  • Fixed an issue where eating grunts can get stuck when trying to go to combat
  • Fixed Bornheim No.3 audio to better fit its animations
  • Fixed an issue where the enemy player avatar was not shown on the death screen after getting killed with environmental traps
  • Fixed some issues for hold interactions
  • Fixed an issue where the partner inspector and Quick Play leave confirmation pop ups were not showing correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Quick Play timer was stuck for late-joining players
  • Fixed an issue where the crows' alarmed state sounds were not moving with the crows correctly
  • Fixed some set up issues with the death event if self inflicted by the player
  • Fixed some animation issues for throwables
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when switching weapons or picking up a world item causing the mouse sensitivity to decrease
  • Fixed select issues for multiple weapons
  • Fixed a wall that blocked a staircase in Port Reeker
  • Fixed and tweaked the Butcher behavior
  • Fixed interaction point distance for a smoother experience
  • Fixed in-game partner inspector
  • Fixed water explosions
  • Fixed the damage value for when vaulting into a bear trap
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to get trapped on top of an elevator at Stillwater Bend
  • Fixed some clipping issues with the Butcher’s corpse on non-horizontal surfaces
  • Hellhounds now follow their proper patrol paths again
  • Fixed an issue where the Meathead could spawn too many leeches and Dead leeches could block the player’s movement
  • Fixed an issue where the Meathead would sometimes become unresponsive in its ambient behavior
  • Further fixing of visual 'jittering and popping' artifacts
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would have a wrong orientation for a moment, when going into ragdoll
  • Fixed some AI navigation problems
  • Fixed an issue where the Spider would not always face straight upwards after dying, running the risk of not being able to interact with it to start the banishing
  • Fixed an issue where players could randomly disconnect from the server
  • Fixed a bug where inspecting a teammate would unintendedly accept currently selected mission
  • Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor would get misaligned when switching resolution in full-screen mode
  • Fixed an issue where switching weapons allowed skipping parts of their selection and cooking animations
  • Fixed an issue where Hunter’s pain audio was not playing in some rare circumstances
  • Fixed several locations where players could get stuck
  • Fixed some lighting issues for Foggy Time of Day
  • Fixed some instances where world items could not be picked up
  • We have improved some physics proxies to avoid shots getting unintendedly blocked
  • Fixed a bug where crows were not killed by lanterns
  • Fixed a bug that prevented masked Hellhounds from being part of a Hellhound pack
  • Fixed some areas that players could access unintendedly
  • Fixed an issue that caused the walls of Healing Waters Church’s basement to cull too early
  • Fixed some issues where AI could spawn in wrong places
  • Fixed an issue where stutters would not open by melee hits
  • Fixed a bug where swapping weapons did not work properly if the interaction was not held long enough
  • Fixed some other audio issues
  • Fixed some localization and text issues
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from collecting both challenge rewards at the same time
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Yellow barrel’s fire patch to appear not completely visible
  • Fixed the position of the ammunition interaction point to avoid blocked items
  • Fixed some issues where the Meathead could get stuck
  • Fixed a bug where AI was jittering when running towards players
  • Fixed some more locations where players could get stuck
  • QUICKPLAY: Fixed a bug where the Wellspring counter did not update properly with high latency
  • QUICKPLAY: Fixed a bug where the HUD did not update properly after the Wellspring carrier disconnected


  • The client may crash in some cases
  • Players might encounter an infinite loading screen when loading missions
  • Players may encounter a ‘Failure Detected’ message while matchmaking
  • There are some rendering issues over long distances where some assets may not get rendered
  • Nvidia Highlights currently do not work
  • There is a rare chance that Quickplay crates show up in Bounty Hunt missions (Without lootable items)
  • There are still some cases where AI does not navigate correctly
  • 'Send Friend Request' only opens the Steam overlay instead of actually sending a friend request (Please manually add someone as a friend instead in the meantime)
  • Sometimes players might see assets streaming in after the start of a game
  • Sometimes players might not see the available missions (restarting the game fixes the issue)
  • Higher latency or bad network connections can lead to ammo issues
  • Sometimes Throwing knives do not work and disappear when hitting AI or players over large distances
  • AI might sometimes be seen in T-Pose when entering compounds

Developer Note:
We are aware that some players might still encounter stutters and/or stalls, for those players we are preparing an environment in which they can test and send us their game.log files for us to investigate. An announcement will go out on our Discord ( later today when this environment is ready and the needed information on how to get there. Thank you for your patience

~The Hunt Team
700'ish hours of goodness .. I'm digg'n the update. There is still one glaring bug though .. I'm still getting killed alot .. I hope they fix this in the next update :D
I forgot all about this game, I guess you all would recommend playing it in it's current state? I really hate buying anything early access.
It's a fun game .. I recommend it .. can be a bit of a steep learning curve starting out though for some. Good set of headphones is highly recommended. Audio is half the game I feel.
Let's hope the player counts jump up, everyone I know left a while ago :(
Player counts have over tripled lately. Played for several hours last night and had pretty much instant queue times all night long.
3 Man Teams coming with Official release.

1.0 plus 1.0 plus 1.0 is...three. Teams of three - THE biggest community request we've had - coming to Hunt: Showdown in 1.0.

I played a bit on the test server. The new male sounds are an unneeded change. They need to revert that.
The final wipe is happening in a few hours, a week before the game leaves early access. I am having a lot of fun playing this with a friend, and they will also be adding 3-player teams next week with the update.
The final wipe is happening in a few hours, a week before the game leaves early access. I am having a lot of fun playing this with a friend, and they will also be adding 3-player teams next week with the update.
I didn’t make it to my first prestige. I’m bloodline level 91. Id thought I might prestige before it wiped since that is the only stat that stays.

I’m looking forward to three man teams. I still enjoy the game.