Enermax Hoplite ST Lucky Draw

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I have no experience with Enermax products, and I would love to change that with a lucky Hoplite ST!
I would have to agree with many of the other posts. An Enermax Power Supply is very nice. Many of the systems I've built over the years have them.
Enermax power supplies rate well on HardOCP and are the only Enermax product I would buy without hands-on experience. If i win a case I will definitely build with it!
130328 "What is your favorite Enermax product?" so many products: power supply, case, fan, cpu cooler, keyboard... most of them well made and at a decent price, not to mention backed by a warranty. How can you just select one, get them all. maby they will give a discount for multiple purchase!
As everyone has mentioned before, my favorite product are their power supplies-- reliable and long lasting.
Enermax Chakra case that i still own and love to this very day. First case I owned with a huge side fan for awesome cooling.
Enermax PSU's have always been my favorite, they have gone in a number of my machines that needed "BIG POWAH"!

I have replaced sketchy Thermaltake and even a PC Power and Cooling PSU with Enermax before to solve issues with machines that would lock up or reboot under heavy gaming or encoding using RipBot.
When I build systems for friends and family, I choose Enermax cases and PSUs.
Never a problem.
I love my old Enermax 350W power supply that I bought c.2001. It was my first foray into the "high end" of power supplies, and everybody thought I was crazy to need so much power. Despite no longer being totally compatible with current motherboards and other hardware, I still pull it out every once in a while to test a component or two.

I haven't owned any enermax products yet, this looks like it would be a very good introduction!
My favorite Enermax product was the first standalone Powersupply unit that I bought.

420w Enermax PSU that was blue and had an adjustable fan. The only reason I moved on was because of all the new connectors that came out and a little beefier wattage! It was solid as a rock, as the heart of your system should be!
Have not yet used any Enermax products, but after reading all these rave reviews, I will check them out for any future build!
My favorite is definitely my current case now, having not experienced any other case that can beat it in it's price range.

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Thanks Enermax and [H]!
enermax powersupplies are awesome, still have 4 of their 460w psu's going strong from 6 years ago
Never owned an Enermax chassis but I have had an Infiniti 720W. Damn good PSU until I had to sell it due to a compatibility issue with one of my motherboards. :(
My current favorite Enermax product is the Vegas Trio 120mm fans I have in my case. Blink blink, blinkity blink. :D
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