Enermax Hoplite ST Lucky Draw

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I do like their fans.

Admittedly, I have not used much of anything else from them. I hope to win this contest and change that!:)
Enermax PSU's have been solid in my own experience, so thats the #1 on my list...but this case could change that... :)
Awesome PSUs. I've never had an Enermax case though.. But if the cases are as awesome as their power supplies, they should be pretty good.
The Enermax PSU I had in the last rig I built was the most reliable one I've had. It outlasted both the Mobo and the Hard drive from the original build even!
My Enermax Vostok case still servers me well to help prevent fallapart.

Thank you.
I have used several Enermax power supplies and have never been disappointed in their performance. Good stuff! I have yet to use any cases, but would love to give one a shot.
The power supplies are great. Their cases look great too. Ihave been looking at getting a new case for my components, this would be awesome.
Have not had any products but from the number of positive posts here would love to try one out.
Enermax PSUs used one in a build for family a few years back, zero issues, still running strong.
I had an old Enermax 430w PSU that ran silent for years (its fan died) and afforded me many many nights of blissful sleep.
I've got my eye on one of those Enermax Platimax PSUs, a big boy for some powerhogging SLI. Be only fitting to drop it into an Enermax case!
My favorite product of late is the Platimax power supply. Good stuff. Thanks for the opportunity to win a case!
Well, hopefully, it will be a hoplite :)

Haven't used much of enermax products... but this could be a good start!
PSU's for sure. Most of my systems are powered by their PSUs. Always trusted their build quality.
I have multiple Enermax fans both my rigs below. Humming along nicely, quietly blue.

I have always been a fan of their power supplies. I used an Enermax PS in my first build back in 2003.
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