Enermax Hoplite ST Lucky Draw

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I've had a couple of Enermax PSUs bought for their small sizes and modular cables perfect for small form factor systems. Long live Liberty! :)
Favorite Enermax product is the Marathon line of fans - good airflow and silent operation and the blade/hub assembly is removable for cleaning!
I have loved enermax power supplies for years now. I have an old enermax 480 watt PSU that is still running strong to this day.
I don't think I've ever owned an Enermax product. I wouldn't mind this being my first :)
Enermax Galaxy 1250w psu I bought a few years back. It's been running strong and still has 2 years left on the warranty!
They gave us some fans at PDXLAN a while back. They've worked well for me so far.
Enermax has rocked many of my builds throughout the years .. only one has ever "failed" me .. after of about 5+ years of use ..and I bought it used.

Great quality products!
My favorite Enermax product is the EG651P-VE in one of my systems. Nine years and still going, can't beat that.
I've always liked Enermax power supplies and cases but coincidentally I've been looking at cases and at the Hoplite case in particular. It just has so many nice features and is a pretty good looking case overall. :)
Haven't had an enermax product in some time, but i love thier case designs, also they used to have a office here in Dirty Jersey.
Enermax PSUs. Been using one for the past 5 years and still running great.
I haven't used an Enermax part in a long time. I can't remember what it was called (I keep thinking something with "moon" in the name), but it was a 120mm fan that installed in a drive bay as an HDD cooler. There were several fans that I had with that package deal, and all were decent quality and much lower noise that the "other brand" fans.
What a sexy case! I really dig the white one. It would look great in my office. I've used plenty of enermax PSU's in builds over the years. Always top notch products. Their fans, in my opinion, are also the best looking ones on the market. I've been wanting to try their AIO water coolers too, their air CPU coolers have always performed well.
Have to go with their PSUs. Have used half a dozen or more over the years, all have been bulletproof (not literally - haven't tried that).
I have never used an Enermax product, but I am more than willing to begin the experience.
my enermax power supply that lives in my garage computer. It has lasted me through every single other part because of the metal dust from grinding and welding in my garage. Yes I regularly clean the system once per week but I have killed everything except that tough as nails power supply
My favorite product is the Enermax Fulmo ECA1092 due to its many accommodating and handy features. IT is also quite the aesthetically pleasing case!
I have been using the ENERMAX INFINITI EIN720AWT 720W Modular Active Power Supply on my current rig since 2010. It is able to overclock my i5-750 to 3.8GHz, HD5870, ten (10) HDDs, four (4) 140mm fans and one (1) 120mm fan plus an aftermarket sound card.
I like Enermax power supplies. I have a couple that are 10 years old and still going strong in some retro rigs!!
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