Enermax Hoplite ST Lucky Draw

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May 18, 1997
Enermax is stepping up today with not one but two great cases up for grabs to HardOCP readers in the contiguous United States! Two lucky posters will be awarded one Hoplite ST each; one in black, one in white!


All that is required of you is to POST ONCE in this thread and tell us "What is your favorite Enermax product?"
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I have not used much Enermax stuff, but their newer line of cases really look good! Plus, I'm itching to revamp my main rig (wastercooled i7EE), and this would be a great reason. ;)
I've bought Enermax PSU for many years. I still have two 300W PSUs from about 12 years ago.
I buy Enermax PSU's for the reliability and longevity and the Enermax case would look great with my Enermax PSU
Customer Service and Products that are Rock Solid and So Stable my PSU lasted for over 10 yrs and was used in about 12 different pc configurations.

Good Luck to All!

Happy Gaming :D
My Enermax Galaxy 850 power supply. It just runs and runs... :)
Favorite product? That's a tough one. I've used Enermax PSU's for quite some time, and they've always performed extremely well.
I have an Enermax power supply in my wife's computer. It's been in like 3 or 4 builds total.
I love everything enermax, I've had no problems with any enermax hardware I've purchased in the past, especially their Power supplies which are solid!
Enermax modular PSUs have always been top notch products for the system builder who wants to minimize cabling and have a quality PSU.
Never bought an entermax PSU myself, but have worked with several of them & never had problems.
i still have an old enermax 430watt power supply that works, has to be at least 10 years old i would guess
Enermax Galaxy EVO 1250W Power Supply...I've had it in my current rig for nearly four years now, and it's been a reliable workhorse that has never given me problems.
I really like their TB Silence series fans. Those cases look pretty nice though.
I have used their power supplies and loved them, didn't even know they made cases, but they look great. Would love to try one out.
I'm a pretty big fan of the Enermax EPM1200EWT power supply. That thing is a beast.

Now I need a new case really really bad. I have some off-brand junker with flimsy walls and no room to work in. It overheats, it's noisy, and it just plain makes me mad every time I look at it.

I haven't decided if this is better or worse than the IKEA table I had everything mounted to before I bought the case.
I have used their power supplies in the past for several builds at home and at work. Like others above I did not know they made cases until now.
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